Here’s Why Disney Should Conclude Things After MCU Phase 5?!

Marvel Cinematic Universe is the highest-grossing Hollywood franchise to date. However, like most good things, MCU should have an end. While many thought that the death of Iron Man would be the perfect ending to the MCU, Kevin Feige had so much more in store for us. Then again, many thought that Phase 4 will seem stretched, but they could not have been more wrong. Fans are absolutely loving where the Studio is going with the MCU, and they are all for it. But we think that things should end after MCU Phase 5.

After releasing 27 full-length movies and 5 D+ series, MCU is going on pretty strong. Every new movie breaks the record of the old one. However, we think that it is high time now for Marvel Studios to start thinking about its end. We are not saying that it should end right now. After all, after knowing what the MCU has in store for us for Phase 4 and 5, we are super excited. But after that, we think Kevin Feige should pull the brakes. Please note that this is not just for publicity, we have some very logical reasons for Marvel to do so.



Every movie’s writer(s) spends a lot of their time creating a story with twists and turns while also following the greater story. The crew of the movie works too hard to make the movie flawless. The marketing team works tirelessly to promote a movie, while also limiting the number of story leaks. However, some of them always slip through, sometimes even by the actors of the movie. A huge shoutout to Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo in the matter. In such circumstances, expecting big awes in the cinema halls seems harder as almost everybody knows what to expect. It demoralizes the writer, director, and anyone who spent their valuable time on the movie. Eventually, fans will grow tired of these leaks pre-release and movies will seem bland.



Many long series like Grey’s Anatomy and It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia often face difficulties when it comes to a new fan base. They are just too long for a person to start watching from the beginning to the end. The same can be said for the MCU. With 27 movies in the mainstream and many more out of the universe, it is very hard for a person to take out the time for watching every movie back to back. And now that they even have 8 series with multiple seasons, it seems like too much work to be a new MCU fan. Not everyone is cut out for it.



Long before MCU was a thing, Studios preferred singular movies or a trilogy at best. They were easy to make as keeping continuity was not an issue. The crew didn’t have to spend all of their minds placing references all around the background. Now that MCU is releasing more and more movies, maintaining continuity seems like a burden. It started with fan service but it is much more now. In such circumstances, it is only a matter of time before the fans go back to standalone movies. After all, they are tired of finding new continuity mistakes every day.



Now that MCU enters into its Phase 4, fans experienced a dramatic increase in the use of CGI. Movies Like Shang-Chi and Eternals are complete CGI fests. We don’t have a problem with that but someone someday might. The visual effects cost a lot of money that sometimes directors try to avoid them to keep the movie on budget. If MCU movies keep coming out, someday Disney might pull their budget. Then what? Will it make sense to continue making movies with small budgets or does it make sense to quit while they are high? If Disney and Marvel do decide to walk away after Phase 5, they’ll be walking away with 5 lifetimes’ worth of fortune and that’s putting it lightly.



How much can you expect from a fan? Fans are the fuel of entertainment franchises and without them, there is no point in continuing. There have been many successful franchises over the years that ran out of juice(fans) and the Studios had to pull their plugs. MCU has been reigning over the entertainment industry that many directors with a love for Hollywood have called it out. But what will happen to it when fans get bored of it? Because make no mistake, there will come a day when fans will stop watching these movies the day they come out. There will come a day when fans will have all the merch. What then? It is better to go out with dignity than to wait for that day to come.



MCU Phase 5

Over the years as the MCU family grew, the number of controversies grew as well. And recently, they have grown to a level where many fans have started boycotting movies of the controversial members. For example, James Gunn tweeted some very offensive statements that led to Feige firing him for it. However, Marvel rehired him when he publicly apologized for his behavior. The same can be said for Marvel working with Brie Larson even when people didn’t like what she did with the character of Captain Marvel. So, to prevent more controversies and subsequent less viewership, it makes sense to end it all for good!


However, Marvel can continue giving out quality content in the form of TV shows and standalone movies. MCU has been one of the best things of our generation and we love it. But to safeguard its legacy, it makes sense to bid farewell. It’s just like FRIENDS. The show had to end to make it eternal. One day we might say the same for the MCU.

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