Here’s Why Deadpool Will Not Fit In Doctor Strange 2

There have been a lot of exciting new revelations for the upcoming sequel to Doctor Strange. We will see a lot more of the multiversal chaos that was introduced to us in the previous entry to the franchise. The biggest theories and rumors about the movie were surrounding the possible appearances we might end up seeing in the movie. With a lot of past Marvel projects becoming canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is an endless possibility in terms of who might end up appearing. While the most popular theory suggested an X-Men or a Fantastic Four character, the poster for the movie might have revealed some other character entirely. Let’s take a look at why Deadpool will not fit in Doctor Strange 2 despite his tease on the official poster.

Multiverse of Madness Appearances

The trailer for Multiverse of Madness actually gave us an idea about the characters we might get to see appear in the movie. A lot of references were made to the Disney+ animated series What If…? with variants of the characters appearing in the movie. This was seen as we got to see Zombie Strange and possibly Zombie Wanda appearing in the trailer. The most exciting reveal has to be the appearance of Patrick Stewart with the actor being theorized to be playing Professor Xavier. This actually confirms one of the biggest rumors of a Fox Marvel character appearing in the movie.


While these reveals were made on the basis of the trailer, an exciting reveal was made with the poster for the movie. Fans could clearly see that one of the shards of the broken glass indicating the breaking reality had an interesting item. This was none other than the shield of Captain Carter who also appeared in the What If…?. But another interesting appearance has been noticed in the poster. Upon closer inspection of the poster, it seems that Deadpool also appears in the poster though it cannot be confirmed yet. It might be true considering the character is now canon to the MCU, but fans are left wondering how he would fit into the narrative of the movie.



Deadpool is one of the most interesting characters that has come out of Marvel Comics. After a long period of development, the character finally got its live-action interpretation with Ryan Reynolds taking on the role in 2016. The movie came out under 20th Century Fox and fans were absolutely excited to see how the movie explored the madness that his character is. But it was kinda unsure if we would ever get to see him appear in the MCU due to his violence and the R-rating of the movie. But Disney’s acquisition of Fox it became possible to see the Merc-with-the-Mouth appearing in the MCU. There is even a sequel Deadpool under development and it will be canon to the MCU.


Why Deadpool will not fit in Doctor Strange 2

It won’t be surprising to see the character appear anytime soon in the MCU with the rumors that the mutants will be introduced soon. Considering Professor Xavier appears in the movie, Deadpool has interacted with his past version in his own sequel. The tone of the character doesn’t really fit into the genre that Multiverse of Madness is actually going for. It was hinted that Sam Raimi will be making the first MCU project that will be exploring the horror genre. That actually fits the traditional style of Sam Raimi’s past work. Wade Wilson appearing in the movie would actually affect the way that the director might be going for.


Deadpool will not fit in Doctor Strange 2

Sam Raimi’s vision for the movie is rather clear with the trailers also going for the horror tone. But Deadpool can appear in a post-credits scene for the movie as that would not be something that would affect the tone of the whole movie. This could be a lot like the way Venom ended up appearing in Spider-Man: No Way Home and giving us a hint about the exciting events that might follow. We can be fairly sure that Deadpool won’t hold back on jokes about the Multiverse and Fox’s acquisition by Disney when he ends up appearing in the MCU next. Even though it is not sure that he will be appearing in the movie, it is fairly obvious that the character won’t fit into this movie.


Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness will premiere in theaters on May 6.

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