Why The Dune Sequels Need To Bring Duncan Idaho Back

In 2021, we got to witness a massive cinematic event that was Dennis Villeneuve’s Dune. The project has been called one of the most successful movies of the year and it even received a positive response from the fans of the mythology. Based on Frank Herbert’s masterpiece, there is still a lot from the world of Dune left to unpack. Following the release of Dune, Warner Bros. has given the go-ahead for a sequel. The movie is actually incomplete without the sequel as a lot is still left to be told about the world we are exploring. The Dune sequels have to undo one of the best death sequences involving Jason Momoa’s character. They have to bring Duncan Idaho back.


Dune followed the narrative of the first half of Frank Herbert’s book and it surely brought us an exciting narrative that will have a lot to be expanded upon in the world. There were a lot of characters that were introduced here along with the arc of Paul Atreides coming to terms with who he actually is. The movie might not be as exciting as any other sci-fi movie because it was primarily focused on the socio-political elements of the world. Most of the things that were being established in the movie came to an end with a rather hopeful future for the world in the ending.


Bring Duncan Idaho Back

While Paul Atreides was the primary focus of the narrative there were a lot of other characters built around him. His father was an essential figure of strength but he got killed in an attempt to kill Baron Harkonnen. But Paul was not brought alone as he has characters who guided him around. Amongst them were Gurney Hallock and Duncan Idaho, of whom the latter helped Paul to his last breath. In what has to be one of the most epic moments from the movie, we see Duncan fighting the Sardaukar soldiers in order to prevent them from getting Paul and Lady Jessica.


Reversing Duncan Idaho’s Death

There have been theories going around considering Duncan Idaho’s death has to be reversed in order to move ahead in the future installments. In an interview with Collider, Joe Walker might have given some interesting details regarding Idaho’s return. He mentioned:

What’s really interesting about Frank Herbert’s book is that some characters do come back but not necessarily in the same form that they took originally. Those who know the book know that Duncan Idaho, for example, reappears, so it’s not over until the last lady sings.


Bring Duncan Idaho Back

Duncan Idaho was hardly present in the movie and yet he surely makes an impact on the fans as they certainly did get attached to the character. It would be an absolute treat to witness more of this character in future installments. There is something about Idaho’s relationship with Paul that actually gave way to some of the larger developments in the character of Paul. The narrative actually takes more of a Shakespearean tragedy story and through the intensity of the plot Duncan Idaho’s character actually brings some interesting turn of events.


Idaho was one of the major positive parts of the narrative of the movie. This positive force will actually be important for future installments as we see Paul coming to terms with his powers. Paul coming to power would actually require him to have some motivations that would prevent him from taking the hostile turn of character as we saw in his dream. He would require an ally whom he can trust and neither Chani nor Gurney Halleck will be able to even be close to Duncan Idaho.


The books have an essential arc with this character and it would be interesting to see how that is executed in the movies. There are even theories that actually indicate that Duncan might actually be the true protagonist in the Dune series of books. Even though the character doesn’t actually come back in the second half of the first book but it would be interesting to see how Denis Villeneuve adapts this narrative. It would be actually interesting to see the character have a cameo right around the end to give us an idea regarding the character’s future.

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