The Exact Moment When Loki Walks Into Doctor Strange 2 Revealed?

The Marvel Cinematic Universe owes its existence to good heroes and even better villains. It is funny that things keep getting weirder the farther we get into this timeline. The luck of heroes seems to have run out of luck since the consequences of their actions are fast approaching. Look at what happened in No Way home and what is expected to happen in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The villains seem to be taking over, speaking of which, it seems that the exact moment when Loki walks into Doctor Strange 2 has been revealed. Take a look at our theory down below:

Redditor u/UnboundHeteroglossia shared the above image on r/MarvelTheories. The user seems to imply something sinister when it comes to Multiverse of Madness. The implication is that the TVA is somehow aware of everything that is happening with the collision of the multiverses. I think there is a part of us that agree with the theory. You see, the user is basically saying that in a still from the Multiverse of Madness trailer you can see a dimensional door, the likes of which is used by the TVA. We do agree with the possibility of this implication but we have a better theory.


There is a chance that this door is opened because TVA agents are flooding into the Multiverse of Madness to shut it down, which would be the logical conclusion. However, we think that after the death of He who Remains, the TVA has taken a break from pruning timelines. The new TVA may be more focused on collecting variants to battle in the multiversal war with the army of Kangs. Hence, there is the possibility that the TVA agents have come here in pursuit of the evil Dr. Strange.


Loki Walks Into Doctor Strange 2

When Loki Walks Into Doctor Strange 2

But this will only amount to a short stint by the TVA and they would have less significance than your average fodder. However, things would be much more interesting if it is only a lone analyst who finds himself in the marvel cinematic universe after Evil Strange has already invaded it. We are, of course talking about Loki after the final episode of Loki. In Loki’s finale, we got to see Loki and Sylvie confronting He Who Remains. This led to a very tense moment as Sylvie tried to kill him and Loki tried to stop her.


Eventually, Loki failed and Sylvie butchered He Who Remains. She sat there, in the citadel at the end of time waiting for the army of Kangs to appear, waiting for her fate to take its course. But Loki, on the other hand, found himself back in the TVA. He came face to face with Mobius, not his Mobius, but a Mobius of the TVA. This Mobius does not know Loki, he only identifies him as an analyst. Hence, Loki’s unofficial job title is born. We believe that after these events Loki kept working as an analyst in the TVA trying to figure out how to combat Kang.


He would be working to try to get back to Sylvie and try and save her from the army of Kangs. Although this would be nearly impossible for him alone, so he needs an army. What better way to find an army but to look through all the timelines. We believe that during Loki’s search for compatriots, he came across Evil Strange and tried to follow him. But the variant fled into what was formerly the sacred timeline and this led to the events of Multiverse of Madness.


The Consequences

When Loki Walks Into Doctor Strange 2

This would explain why we see a time door in the above screenshot and why things seem so chaotic in the trailer for Doctor Strange 2. Although the former Sorcerer Supreme barely fixed everything that went wrong in No Way Home, it seems that things have come full circle and the magician’s mistakes have come to bite him in the ass. What will happen when Loki tells him about the coming multiversal war?


What will happen when Evil Strange offers Strange supremacy over the multiverse and/or tried to attack Catherine. We cannot know until we see the film. But this is a theory that we can get behind. Let us know what you think about our theory in the comments down below.

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