Every MCU Moment Hinting That Captain America was Worthy

Avengers: Endgame had some of the most exciting moments that the fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe could have expected. The movie marked the ending of the Infinity Saga and it has had a significant on MCU. Considering it was a kind of a finale, it marked the ending of certain narratives that were built throughout the various projects. We lost a lot of heroes in these events that included, Black Widow, Vision, Iron Man, and Captain America. But the narrative of Captain America was a bit different than the others. Another major moment for Captain America was definitely when we see him wielding the Mjolnir during the battle with Thor. There have been theories of him being worthy of wielding the hammer for quite a long time now. Let’s take a look at all the moments from MCU that indicated Captain America was always worthy.

Good Man

The very first time we got to see Steve Rogers, he was far from the physical being he is. Captain America: The First Avenger actually showed his origin story and here we discover why he is worthy of taking the super-soldier serum. Even though he wasn’t the physical structure that he is now, he still had the personality traits that he continued till the very last time we saw him. He was chosen for the experiment because he was a “good man”. This was the very reason that after getting his transformation he focused on serving his country instead of enjoying the pleasures. Anyone else would have definitely gone for a different choice in terms of a path.



The Avengers marked the first time that we got to see all the characters that were established before coming together. There was much excitement for this project as this was one of the most awesome adaptations for the team from Marvel Comics. Considering each character had a different story it was expected that they won’t get along right away. The first half of the movie sees the egos of all these characters collide as they fail to work together. But when things get out of hand as Loki’s plans put the world in danger, the heroes get along. Captain America plays a significant role in bringing them together by being the team leader and this leads to the win for the team of heroes.



Captain America was Worthy

There was a tragic part to the story of Captain America that involved him having nobody he knew in the modern world. But things took a massive turn when we got to see Bucky appear as the Winter Soldier in Captain America: Winter Soldier. The movie took a deeper insight into how Steve Rogers was trying to adapt to modern times. As Bucky appears in the movie we realize that he hasn’t been aware of a lot of things since he got frozen. While we see him sympathizing for Bucky, even though the latter was an assassin, he was right in doing so. Initially, we imagined that he was doing so for the sake of his friend but there was the added layer of him feeling Bucky wasn’t in control of what was happening.


Moves Mjolnir

The second Avengers project, Avengers: Age of Ultron might not be the best project featuring the group of heroes. But the movie actually takes a deeper look into the aspects of being worthy of wielding Mjolnir. There is a lot of discussion regarding this and later we even hear a joke about an elevator being worthy considering it carries the hammer. The most exciting moment from the movie was when each hero takes a dig at picking up the hammer. While everyone fails to pick it up, Captain America also makes an attempt and ends up moving it very slightly and then walks away. Thor actually notices this and later picks up on it when Cap ends up wielding the hammer during Endgame as the God of Thunder shouts he knew it.


Fights To The End

One of the most essential parts of the narrative of Captain America has to be the fact that he doesn’t give up. This was seen from the very start as he carries this trait from the very first time we saw Rogers before his transformation. While Iron Man was clearly ready to kill Bucky, Captain America stood in his way because he knew that Bucky wasn’t in control of his actions. Captain America was beaten rather poorly but he still stood up and said, “I’ve got all day“. This is something that he had through every battle that we have seen the character appear in MCU.


Unites Everyone

Captain America was Worthy

The events of Captain America: Civil War had caused some major issues in the team of heroes. This was a major reason why the characters failed to stop Thanos during Avengers: Infinity War. But Captain America takes the responsibility and does everything he could in order to bring the characters together for fighting Thanos. If it wasn’t for him then we won’t have had the chance to see Vision and Wanda survive the attack from Proxima Midnight. He even takes the responsibility for the failure the heroes faced in the first Avengers film as his actions led to the disbanding of Avengers. Iron Man only makes a return because Captain America turns to him for help and he is the one who took accepted Ant-Man’s suggestion for traveling back in time.


Wields Mjolnir

Following the events of The Snap, everyone was trying to get in terms with the loss and it was actually difficult for them. When the heroes try to make their first attempt at making changes he realizes that there is nothing else that could be done. But the first mission proves to be a failure for the heroes. Later when they are able to acquire all the Stones and use them, things go awry as Thanos arrives and attacks them. This arrival only sees three heroes fight Thanos which includes Iron Man, Captain America, and Thor. The three heroes get beaten up in the gruesome fight sequence that we get to see unfold in front of our eyes. But we see a massive change when the most awesome thing happens as Captain America ends up wielding the hammer and uses it to attack Thanos.


Remains Worthy

There was some pondering over the idea that Captain America might have only been able to wield the hammer during the events of the fight with Thanos. But that is not the case considering we see him go back in time carrying Mjolnir and his shield when he bids everyone farewell. He had to carry Mjolnir so that he could return it into its own timeline from where Thor had brought it.

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