5 All-Time Favorite Team-Ups of Spider-Man

Spider-Man is the highest grossing superhero of the Marvel universe, undoubtedly so the hero has his own pack of teams of which he is a member. Not just that he has had many team-ups too, here are some of them:

Spider-Man and Daredevil

This event took place when the police arrested Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson appointed Daredevil (Matt Murdock) to be Pete’s Lawyer. This sure was the case but at the same time Pete snuck out as Spidey and he and Daredevil solved the case and later in the story, Peter is freed off the murder charges.

Deadpool and Spiderman

Of course, they had to be great friends, both have their fair share of insults and sarcastic remarks. Not just that, both are great in cracking humor even at the times of great difficulties. Both are the best of buddies and give readers a great laugh.

Spiderman and Black Cat

Cat to spider-Man is like Catwoman to Batman. A burglar who is always on the wrong side of the law but still can do some good at times. Often fighting crime with Peter, she has a romantic relationship with the guy too and is always in the chance of getting Spidey to unleash his wild side.

Spider-Man and Venom

venom Spider-Man

Venom has been Spidey’s nemesis but the two have come together a number of times to fight off bad guys. Especially Carnage. He has been a villain of both Spiderman and the anti-hero Venom. Though Spidey and Eddie Brock (Venom) don’t share a good relationship as initially they were enemies themselves, still, both have often been seen together, fighting Carnage.

Spider-Man and Iron Man

Spiderman's new suit in Spiderman Homecoming Spider-Man

Spider-Man and Iron man has recently made it to the big screen in Spiderman homecoming, but before this too the duo has made several appearances in the comics together, fighting crime. One such case is when they fight off, Swarm.

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