Eternals Reveals That Doctor Strange Allowed The Snap To Prevent The Emergence

The Marvel Cinematic Universe opened up dramatically with two of its latest movies, Eternals and No Way Home. While No Way Home focused on expanding and inculcating the multiverse into the confines of the MCU, Eternals expanded our native universe to its absolute borders. However, Eternals also introduced a new kind of threat to earth in the form of celestial emergence. In the wake of such a calamity (which was stopped by the Eternals), many fans find themselves asking the question of whether Doctor Strange allowed the snap to prevent the emergence?

But what do we mean by that? You see, Eternals explores and established the cosmic past of the MCU that was as of yet unheard of. We only had glimpses of the Celestials during the Infinity Saga movies but now we finally have a definitive narrative to support these sightings. Along with this confirmation comes a new threat in the form of the Celestials. A threat that was only halted because Gemma Chan’s Sersi chose to take a stand for the intelligent life on this planet and embraced us despite all of our flaws. Yet, there is an argument to be made about Doctor Strange’s involvement in all of this.


Although The Sorcerer Supreme explicitly stated on Titan that there was only one future outcome where the Avengers won, it may not be entirely true. You see, the Celestial Tiamut needed intelligent life to gather energy for his emergence. The more people there were, the faster his emergence approached, so the fact that Thanos wiped out half the population of the earth might have delayed the Emergence by at least a few years. This might mean that Strange made a conscious choice on Titan. Let us explore this further.


Doctor Strange Allowed The Snap

If we take the narrative provided by Eternals to be absolutely true then we conclude that the only factor for the speed of the emergence was the size of the population. With that in mind, it becomes clear that Strange might have seen futures where the Avengers were able to defeat Thanos in the upcoming infinity war but would have subsequently lost earth to the emergence and the arrival of the other Celestials. it would not make a lot of sense to exchange one world-ending problem with another so Doctor Strange might have chosen a future where the snap prevented and delayed the emergence.


For things to work out perfectly for both the Avengers and the Eternals he had to look for a future where Thanos was defeated, the stones were returned and the Eternals won against The Celestials. With all of these caveats taken together the number of viable futures dwindled faster than you could say “Time Stone” so it is understandable that Strange could only find 1 universe out of 14 million possible futures. You see, it was imperative that not only the emergence was delayed but that the Eternals rose up to stop it when the time came.


Doctor Strange allowed the snap

For that to happen certain sacrifices had to be made and Doctor Strange made the hard choice. Everything, from Gemma Chan leading the team to the characters killing the Celestial and the time travel heist, was calculated by the Sorcerer Supreme. He was controlling the future even when he was snapped out of existence and that is what makes him truly terrifying. To think that he let Avengers make all the mistakes they did in Infinity War to ensure their victory in Endgame is a theory that gives us chills.


The Consequences

Doctor Strange allowed the snap to happen, he ensured it. He was the perpetrator and responsible for the suffering of the civilians just as much as Thanos. He did this to ensure a brighter future for all of the cosmos. It does not matter if you agree with him or not, he did what was needed to ensure the survival of all sentient creatures on earth and in the universe.


Doctor Strange allowed the snap

His decision may have farther reaching implications that we still don’t know. The man-made a choice and he will have to stick by it even in the Multiverse of Madness. This theory is bonkers but it also makes a lot of sense. Let us know if you agree with us down in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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