6 Secret Abilities of War Machine That Could Be Seen In Armor Wars

With the end of Hawkeye, we move on to the next shows from Marvel Studios’ archives, especially Armor Wars. With Armor Wars now closer than ever, it seems fitting to talk about our favorite armor, the War Machine. War Machine, unlike other Stark suits, is loaded with ammunition that can reduce an entire truck to nothing, in a matter of seconds. But a history lesson first; when the US Government forced Stark to submit his invention and he declined, Colonel James Rhoades took it forcefully. Then, thanks to Hammer Tech, provided by Justin Hammer, Stark’s Mark XI got some really cool upgrades. With these updates, Colonel Rhodes piloted the War Machine. However, the origin of the Machine was a bit different in Marvel’s comic lore. As we wait to see him in action again in Armor Wars, here are 6 secret abilities of War Machine you never knew of:


War Machine is essentially highly advanced Stark Tech at its core. Just like all of Stark tech’s AI, War Machine’s AI can integrate itself with any technology in the world, irrespective of its origin. This comes in handy when ‘Rhodey’ has to go on galactic adventures where the tech is not quite human. There has been a lot of events when this feature of the suit has come in handy for the Avengers. Even on Earth, there is not a digital firewall that the WM’s AI can’t break through.



Now, this is one of those things that make the War Machine the best in combat. Vibranium is one of the strongest, and rarest, metals in the MCU, as well as the comics. And to imagine that there is a layer of vibranium mesh over the suit makes the suit a lot more awesome. From the metal showdown in movies like Captain America and Black Panther, we know that the suit is quite capable of shock absorption and storing and releasing great amounts of kinetic energy. And this quality of the metal also came in handy on the War Machine suit, at least in the comics. And now with Wakanda’s extensive relations with the US government, we may see a vibranium version of the suit in MCU as well.



Secret Abilities of War Machine

Tony Stark had invested a lot in the War Machine suit, namely, its own satellite. Stark Industries, the creator of the suit, equipped the suit with a satellite to make it the ultimate shield for the country. In addition to it, being his oldest friend, Tony’s trust in Rhodey led him to equip the suit with the ability to tap into other Stark Industries’ satellites too. This feature came in handy in the events of an outer-space invasion on the planet Earth. In such an event, the satellite sent an instant message to the suit, preparing them for the incoming threat.



Due to its massive size, War Machine is easy to spot on an open battlefield. That makes the suit, and its wearer, prone to danger. And since Rhodey is Tony’s best friend, Tony ensured his safety by installing retro-reflective panels in the suit’s exterior. Other than that, the suit can also cloak itself from RADAR, preventing his opponent to know the suit’s real-time location. This helps Rhodey during covert missions or in direct fights against a similarly modified battle armor.



This is an interesting bit of information about the WM suit in the comics. In the comics, just like MCU, the suit was originally built by Tony, but the external weapons were provided by Stane, as opposed to Hammer in the MCU. And since Stane-tech centered on avoiding Stark-tech, Stane’s addition in the suit made the suit physically immune to Stark’s weapons. However, if Hammer-tech made the suit immune to Stark-tech in the MCU, or not, is still unknown.



Secret Abilities of War Machine

A downside of having this many weapons in a single suit is that you do not have enough space. However, War Machine is equipped with weapons that adapt, depending on the surrounding. For instance, there are heavy cannons and blasters in the suit’s arsenal that only get out when needed. But what’s cooler is its ability to take on additional weapons as well. Allow me to elaborate. The suit may possess a lot of weapons but this doesn’t mean that it is limited to those. The suit can take on alien weapons and accommodate them on its exoskeleton. Cool, right?!

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