5 Most Confusing Things In No Way Home

No Way Home quickly knocked the socks off the typical MCU audience, simply because the movie did something that was not expected of it. Actually, let me correct that, the movie did something that the fans could not believe even when it was leaked a year and a half ago. The mere idea of merging movie universes is so alien to the average moviegoer that when MCU does it in such a big way, it surprises everyone. However, the movie paid a hefty price to pull this off. Some parts of the plot were unexplainable, others left us with more questions than answers. Here are the 5 most confusing things in No Way Home.

Peter Parker Who?

The climax of the movie was a little lackluster. Although the action was top-notch, the ending itself left something to be desired. We understand that the movie was supposed to be a coming-of-age thing for Peter Parker, where he finally assumes the mantle of responsibility. But something is missing in the explanation of the mechanics of Doctor Strange’s final spell. A fresh casting of Runes of Kof Kal clears up the problem of multiversal invaders in the flash of an eye. But it is never accurately explained how the spell works.


If everyone forgets Peter Parker, then what are those memories replaced by. Do Zendaya and Ned only remember working with Peter Parker. Does happy not remember that May had a nephew, or does he not remember how she knew Spider-Man? Only some people cannot be chosen to remember. Strange said that that is not how the spell works. But if that is not how the spell works then how does Strange remember the full moon party at Kamar Taj. Moreover, what about all the documentary evidence that Peter’s existence would have produced. This makes no sense.


Why Only Some Villains

Confusing Things In No Way Home

Although we have a ton of qualms about the cherry-picking of villains from only the Sony universes, we are ready to believe that the spell was stopped before all the universes could be opened up. However, we have serious issues with the fact that only some of the villains were pulled through. Moreover, some of these villains did not even know Peter’s real identity when they were brought into the MCU.

Even if the Sandman learned the identity of Tobey Spider-Man later in that universe’s timeline, at no point was Electro privy to that information in his reality. What are the rules here Sony? What are you not telling us?


Where Are The Allies

Okay, let’s assume for a second that only the Sony universes were affected because they were part of the sacred timelines. But why oh why, do only the villains and the Spider-Men themselves show up. There are a ton of other characters who knew the identity of Spider-Man and who could have helped Peter but they are nowhere to be seen. Neither do we see James Franco’s Goblin, nor is Mary Jane anywhere to be seen. Wouldn’t it have been nice to see Gwen Stacy re-unite with Andrew Garfield’s Spider-Man? Why only resurrect the troublemakers, it makes no sense.


How did Strange Lose

We understand that this is a Sony movie, so the studio will choose to hype their own character above everyone else. But excuse me for a freaking second. Do you anything about power scaling, my dear Sony? Do you understand that the man who Spider-Man just “beat” is the former Sorcerer Supreme? He is the be-all-end-all in this universe, the protector of our dimension, and the one who went toe to toe with Thanos when the Mad Titan had 4 infinity stones. This is not a man to be trifled with. And yet…… );-;)


Where Were The Other Avengers

This point is not so much of a gripe with No Way Home in particular, but a gripe with all of the MCU itself. We understand that a shared universe allows for some epic crossovers and impeccable storylines. But when you have so many of your heroes living in New York City you cannot have these “heroes” ignore cataclysmic events just because it is not their movie. For instance, where were the other Avengers during No Way Home?


Confusing Things In No Way Home

Why did the new Captain America not come to Spider-Man’s aid? They could have at least given a public statement to support the character of the boy who fought the Mad Titan along with earth’s mightiest heroes. But no. Not a single word. Quite Tragic, if you ask me. This is one of the most confusing things in No Way Home. Did we miss any? Let us know down in the comments below.

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