Here’s A Brand New Look At Batman And His Gadgets In Justice League

Warner Bros. upcoming Justice League is the most anticipated movie of the year and we are really closing in on the release as it is going to hit the theatres this November. There are plenty of reasons to be excited about the movie but the main reason that the people are so hyped about the movie is Ben Affleck’s, Batman.

Until now we have seen plenty of footage of the Justice League movie as they have already released three kick-ass trailers and the fans have loved them.

Every member of the League looks great in the trailer, except Superman who is being kept a secret as he died in the previous movie. Well, we have loved all the costumes that the heroes are getting.

Fans are hyped about Batman as he is getting plenty of new Gadgets in the movie along with two new costumes. His first suit is a minor upgrade from his previous suit in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and a little more detailing and padding has been added to the suit and it looks even better than the previous one.

Along with that, his cowl is different and the details that make it different from the previous one are pretty noticeable.

A Look At The Tactical Armor

Here is a new look at Ben Affleck’s Batman that has hit the web. Batman looks, even more, grittier in this photo and even more Bad-ass.

This photo is of the first suit that he is going to wear in the Justice League movie, the suit which we have pretty much seen in detail before.

The New Batman Image

His second suit, even though we have seen it once or twice, but the footage was too quick to notice properly and all we saw was quick imagery of the suit.

Well, ‘Hot Toys’ have released a new line of action figures for the suit and we now have the full on view for the suit.

Batman’s Tactical Armor From ‘Hot Toys’

Each and every detail of the suit is now visible and we can now make out why the suit is being called the tactical Armor. It has much bigger and stronger padding on it which works as an offense and defense for Batman.

The extensive padding allows Batman to be bullet proof and take in brutal hits, where as it helps him become more agile as his movement was pretty restricted in the mech suit that he wore in the previous movie against Superman.

It also increases the strength and allows Batman to give more forcefull blows upon his opponents.

This is how he is able to fight against the Parademons who are much stronger than the usaual thugs Batman takes on.

Next up he is bringing in a lot of new gadgets and vehicles. We have an upgraded Batmobile from the previous version.

A lot more guns and arms carrying missiles have been added on to the Batmobile.

The Upgraded Batmobile

Along with that we have two new vehicles, first is the crawler which we see cyborg take over in the new trailer and Batman rode it in the second trailer.

The second on is the Flying Fox, which Batman has brought in to carry the Justice League and it is so big that it can fit in the entire Batmobile as well. We got a brief look at it in the latest trailer.

The Crawler and Flying Fox

How do you find the new suits and vehicles that Batman has brought in for the Justice League? Tell us in the comments.

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