10 Amazing Details and Easter Eggs in the Moon Knight Trailer

Marvel Studios revealed that the very first show that we will be getting from them canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is going to be Moon Knight. The trailer for the series gave us a clear idea that it is going to be one of the most awesome projects. Fans have been wondering if this series will actually be as good as what we have gotten to see in Marvel Comics. The series will make its debut on the Disney+ streaming platform on March 30. It will consist of six episodes and it will give us the complete story of Marc Spector coming to terms with the madness. Going ahead we will see this character transform into the dark crime-fighting persona known as Moon Knight. The trailer didn’t give any indication regarding the plot of the series but we definitely got a glance at the dark gritty tone it will have. Let’s take a look at all the references and Easter eggs in the Moon Knight trailer.

The Rubik’s Cube

The very first thing that we got to see from the trailer showed Marc Spector in a bed fidgeting with a Rubik’s Cube. While this might just be something that the character might be interested in, the different colors of the cube might give some indication of the complexity the character might have in his mind. We got some reference towards the confusion that the character had in his mind regarding his own personality. This has been witnessed in various other films when the character has been rather indecisive. We might see Spector use this as a totem in order to distinguish between the different personalities that he has.


Staying Awake

Going to sleep might not be as simple for Moon Knight as it is for us. We saw him using the services of a sleep tracking app called “Lying Awake” and we can hear the telemarketer’s voice as if it’s a routine thing for Spector. But fans might have noticed that he is wearing a different shirt than the one he was wearing while fidgeting with the Rubik’s Cube. This could be because he had a sleepwalking phase and he wasn’t aware of this transition himself. But at the same time, we saw him wearing a chain around his ankle in order to prevent him to walk away from his bed. This could actually be something of a regular thing for him and that’s why he has resorted to this mechanism.


Crescent of Sand

Easter Eggs in the Moon Knight Trailer

We see Spector jolt from his bed in a panic and then as he tries to run away from his bed. He falls down because the bedpost chain around his ankle actually causes him to faceplant. But an interesting detail is that he stepped in a crescent of sand that was laid around his bed. This could actually be something that might be a recurring thing for fans to witness throughout the series like the hexagons in WandaVision. This could not just be something that randomly appears around Spector but it could be a part of the narrative of the character as he becomes Moon Knight. Or this could actually be a remedy that he used in order to prevent himself from having another sleepwalking episode.


Kid Cudi’s Lyrics

The trailer for the series uses the poster track for Kid Cudi’s Man On The Moon. We only got to hear some lines of the song being played in the trailer but the song actually references a lot of things surrounding the character of Moon Knight. The lyrics go as:

Now look at this (what, what)
Madness to magnet keeps attracting me, me (what, what)
I try to run but see I’m not that fast (what, what)
I think I’m first but surely finish last, last

He’s all alone through the day and night (day and night)
The lonely loner seems to free his mind at night (at, at, at night)

We saw that Spector was trying to run from his bed but he wasn’t able to do that successfully. The second verse made a clear representation of Spector’s complexity and his crime-fighting transformation only takes place at night.


Steven Grant

We see Spector arriving for his museum job in a rather lazy manner as he almost falls asleep on the way there. Here he refers to himself as “Steven” but Moon Knight’s primary alter-ego is actually Marc Spector. This could actually indicate that Steven Grant will be one of his alter egos. This persona is different from the Marvel Comics version as there Steven Grant is actually a millionaire financier there. Later in the narrative, we see that he receives a call where he is addressed as Marc Spector and this could mean that it could be a direct reference to the comics. The comics actually showed Marc Spector being left for the dead and later he takes on a different personality.



The trailer gave us our first glance at the Moon God. This was when Isaac’s character is experiencing his disorder and he ends up seeing flashes of a staff-wielding beaked creature. The figure is Khonshi and he is the one who ended up saving him and giving him the powers. Khonshu is the Moon God who imbues the powers that helped him in transforming into Moon Knight. The comics see some interesting things happen from Khonshu, the mentor to Moon Knight. This narrative could actually be quite similar to the way we have seen past mentors like the Ancient One and Doctor Strange relationships.


Arthur Harrow

We finally got a chance to look at Ethan Hawke’s character in the series as he appears halfway through the trailer. He appears in the role of Arthur Harrow who is seen donning a brown band-collar shirt. In the comics, the character is actually a renowned surgeon who worked for OMNIUM which is a mysterious organization. Hawke gave us some insight into how the character will be adapted when he said he will be basing it on David Koresh. This is a clear indication that he will be a sort of a cult leader like the real personality of David Koresh who was responsible for the infamous 1993 Waco siege.


Armed Prayer

Easter Eggs in the Moon Knight Trailer

Harrow actually seems to be conducting a prayer where people are kneeling before him. But here we see Oscar Isaac’s character also be present here but he is not kneeling. This is not actually any ordinary prayer as there are armed men surrounding them. This personality of Spector actually ends up getting away with a gun later based on a scene from the trailer where he is seen in a getaway truck. Fans might notice that this is actually quite similar to the way an old man was standing in front of Loki while everyone else was seen kneeling.


The Getaway Ice Cream Truck

The gathering didn’t actually go well because we saw him driving away in an ice cream truck with a handgun. This truck was actually parked next to the gather for Arthur Harrow. Another interesting detail is that Spector himself wasn’t aware of what was happening because he looks surprised with the gun in his hand. There were even blood spots on him which might actually mean that there were some events that unfolded at the gathering. This could have been because Spector kept standing while everyone else was kneeling down n front of Harrow.



The most exciting bit from the trailer was definitely when we got to see Moon Knight appear in his full costume. This included everything from the stained white cloak along with the iconic glowing eyes. But this actually comes after he is seen beating up someone who appears to be Anubis, the Egyptian god of the dead.

So these were the best Easter Eggs in the Moon Knight trailer.

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