The No Way Home Hawkeye Connection and 10 Other Amazing Easter Eggs

Spider-Man No Way Home just blew our minds. The movie gave us everything we could have ever asked for. In its 2hr 28 minute runtime, it did not miss a single beat. Nary a frame was wasted. It was like listening to a perfect harmony. But there were a lot of hidden things throughout the movie that a casual moviegoer may have missed. We won’t be doing our job right if we did not make a list about it. Did you catch the No Way Home Hawkeye connection? Find out in the list below:-

The No Way Home Hawkeye Connection

There are several references to Hawkeye in No Way Home. For starters, the new and improved Statue of Liberty was referenced by Yelena in the latest Episode of Hawkeye. Then there is the Rogers musical poster that Peter and MJ swing by in the opening scene of the movie. Also, Peter swings over the location of Hawkeye’s final battle.


The Classic Suit

Talking about the end of the movie we also get to see Peter don the classic suit from the comics. No more Stark Tech or fancy gadgets, just good old stitching prowess. The classic suit seems to be inspired by Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield in the MCU, which is a nice way to acknowledge the efforts involved in the older films. Along with the classic suit we also get the classic broke setting for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man which is closer to his comic lifestyle.


Miles Morales

When Jamie Fox’s Electro is finally defeated at the end of the movie, he confesses to Andrew Garfield that he thought that he would be black. He thinks that because Spider-Man is a kid who helps poor people. Then he mulls over the fact that there has to be black Spider-Man somewhere in the multiverse. This is a reference to Miles Morales, the Ultimate Spider-Man who is a black Spider-Man from the comics. He was also recently featured in Into The Spiderverse.


Go Get ‘Em Tiger/ Spider

mary jane spiderman peter parker

Peter Parker’s high school mascot is a Tiger. This makes his high school reporter Betty Brandt call him a tiger in his news report. He specifically says, ” Go Get ‘Em Tiger, or should I say….. Spider”. The first part of that line is a reference to Mary Jane’s classic line in the comics and from Raimiverse which she uses often. “Go Get ‘Em Tiger” is as close as you get to classic Spider-Man.


The Queensborough Bridge

After his identity is revealed to the entire world, Tom Holland’s Spider-Man carries Mary Jane in his arms and lands atop the Queensborough Bridge in New York. Interestingly enough Tobey Maguire also brought his Mary Jane to the top of this bridge. But that was back in Spider-Man 1 and the Green Goblin was the reason why they were there. The Goblin dropped a tram and Mary Jane from atop this bridge back in the first movie.


Department Of Damage Control

Department of Damage Control or DODC was first introduced in the Iron Man movies. According to Nick Fury, it is a group of people that handle clean-up of Superhero messes. They appear in No Way Home yet again, connecting this movie to the larger MCU and also foreshadowing their involvement later in the film. Interestingly, it was the DODC who was responsible for ensuring that the Chitauri tech did not land in the hands of the wrong people, which they failed to do in Homecoming.



No Way Home Hawkeye connection

Probably the funniest Easter Egg on this list. Flash Gordon, the “best friend” of Spider-Man writes a book in No Way Home referencing a DC story. You see, it is from Flash’s point of view, hence Flashpoint. But the title is clearly a dig at DC’s upcoming multiverse project. Maybe we can also see a crossover between the cinematic universes.

Ragnarok Wreckage

When Thor visits Steven Strange in Ragnarok, he comes across an artifact that he tries to fiddle with. It is revealed that this is a model figure made up of small parts that Thor ruins by fiddling with them and ends up breaking the model. In No Way Home, we can see the two people in Sanctum Sanctorum trying to rebuild this artifact as the earthquake from Strange’s spell knocks it over again.


Variant Villains

from the MCU

Interestingly enough, the story of No Way Home has some loopholes that many fans may not notice at the start. For one Doc Ock is wearing different clothes than those which he wore in the finale of Spider-Man 2. Secondly, Electro never found out the true identity of Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man 2. So this means that both Electro and Doc Ock that appear in No Way Home are variants of the original timelines.


Ultimate Spidersense

The Comics have actually explained the Spider-sense as Peter sensing the vibration in the web of cosmos that stretches across all realities. It is an attunement thing. So it is nice to see the Spider-sense on full display in No Way Home. There is also the fact that Spider-Man uses this unconscious ability of his to dodge Strange even when he is pushed out into his astral form.


Kraven The Hunter

At the end of Spider-Man No Way Home we see that variants from all over the multiverse are now invading the sacred timeline all because of Peter changing the spell. There are innumerable silhouettes that appear on screen but there is one that we find very interesting. One of these people is actually holding a spear and seems to be of formidable stature. We theorize that this was a variant of Kraven the Hunter. Also included in the silhouettes is a Rhino variant and many others that we could not identify, but will be able to when No Way Home hits Home Video.

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