Marvel Comics Reveals A Surprising New Title For Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch is probably one of the most significant characters in the Marvel comics universe. She is the only mutant that has been able to cause some major changes with her narrative in the comics where she undergoes massive transformations because of her powers. There have been various instances over the years where she actually ended up changing the reality based on her will and her emotional requirements to get what she feels. The character has died a lot of times too and this has actually then led to her coming back without remembering what ended up happening to her. We recently saw in the MCU how the character ends up receiving the title Scarlet Witch but things took a whole new turn in the Marvel comics. Marvel has seemingly given a new title for Scarlet Witch that might be completely opposite to her arc or her history in the comics.

Scarlet Witch

One of the most powerful mutants in Marvel, Scarlet Witch never really received much love from the others in her community because of some of her history. She is remembered for her accidental attempt at causing a near-extinction event for the mutantkind in the narrative for House of M. There were a lot of things that have changed about the character over the years and one of these include the point that she and her sibling Pietro might not actually be the biological children of Magneto. The narrative of them not actually being mutants also took place and Wanda ended up being called the “Great Pretender”.


New Title For Scarlet Witch

In The Trial of Magneto #5, from writer Leah Williams and artist Lucas Werneck, we saw some rather interesting events unfold. The comics series was intended to unfold a larger plan related to her working towards redeeming herself and the things that she had done in her past. We find out that her murder in the comics was actually something that Wanda was responsible for herself. After being brought back, she uses her abilities in the mutant resurrection to create a certain magical afterlife in the astral plane. Using this she is able to bring back mutants across time and space who had passed through the cracks in Cerebro. As she manages to bring back 20 million lost mutants to the resurrection queue, Krakoa ends up giving her a whole new title, The Redeemer. 


New Title For Scarlet Witch

It seems that Scarlet Witch’s attempt at killing herself actually ended up making up for her past and her attempts against the mutants. This was clearly an attempt at getting rid of the blames that she carries that have actually reduced the chances of her being a hero. We saw that even Krakoa has also accepted her based on her gift to the mutantkind. “The Redemer” is actually a rather fitting title for the hero and her works have actually made sure that mutants won’t be left under terrible circumstances anymore.


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