How Can Wanda Help Doctor Strange Fix The Multiverse?

Fans had already gotten to see that Wanda Maximoff will play a significant role in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. The actor was known to be playing a significant role in the movie. The teaser for the movie features her after the events of the Disney+ series WandaVision. But fans are left wondering what sort of help the character might end up providing Strange. There is a possibility that Wanda’s awareness of her true potential might play a significant role in the movie. Let’s take a look at how Wanda can help Doctor Strange with the multiversal chaos in Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness. 

Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness

The teaser for Doctor Strange in The Multiverse for Madness reveals that the hero and his sorcerer friends might be facing some of their most dangerous enemies. We actually witness three different enemies with Baron Mordo’s return, the tentacled monster – Shuma Gorath, and Doctor Strange Supreme. Fans of Marvel are well aware that each of these villains is some of the major villains we will get to witness in the franchise. Not only that but there’s a chance that the multiverse might actually prove to lend some serious problems to the world.


Strange will require a lot of help under these circumstances and we are aware that he will be getting this from the likes of the character America Chavez being introduced in the MCU. He has his sorcerers in the Sanctum Sanctorum but there is a lot more help we will require with the chaos of the broken multiverse. Elizabeth Olsen was confirmed to be a part of the project way back when the movie was under development. Initially, there were theories that she might be the villain but the teaser actually saw Strange going to her for help.


How Can Wanda Help Strange?

How Can Wanda Help Doctor Strange

We have seen that Wanda has actually come to terms with her full potential in the Disney+ series WandaVision. The last time we saw her, she was trying to learn more about the Darkhold and there were even hints at her exploring the multiverse. These details ensure the fact that Strange will be teaming up with her in order to stop the multiversal threats the world faces.


It is rather obvious that Strange might have some influence on the multiverse by now but we are well aware that his knowledge about this concept was “frighteningly little”. This ensures that Strange is still trying to grasp the full potential of the Multiverse and the absolute mayhem it can cause. Wanda on the other hand was in peace with her status as Scarlet Witch and she was actually embracing this newfound realization by studying the ancient Darkhold.


As we see in the trailer it is quite obvious that it has been a long time since we saw her learning from the Darkhold. She has clearly become much more able to embrace when it comes to chaos magic. There is a possibility that this chaos magic might be one of the most important remedies to repair the damage done to the multiverse. Another moment from the trailer even indicates that she is using a summoning spell that confirms the theory that Strange would require her chaos magic and knowledge to save the MCU.


How Can Wanda Help Doctor Strange

Fans might be wondering how Strange lets go of his ego and accepts that he is equally responsible for causing the multiversal chaos. This might be the very reason that he goes to Wanda to ask for help because he understands that he cannot defeat the enemy they face alone. There were various rumors about a possible face-off between Wanda and Strange and this might actually be her battling with Doctor Strange Supreme. There are various other elements that come to play considering MCU has been able to handle emotions very well following the loss of so many characters in the previous phase. Wanda’s coming to terms with her loss might be an essential lesson for Doctor Strange Supreme.


Doctor Strange in The Multiverse of Madness will be released in theaters worldwide on May 6, 2022.

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