3 Burning Questions That Upcoming Hawkeye Episodes Should Answer

Disney+ released the third episode of MCU’s Hawkeye miniseries last Wednesday, and we just can’t wait for the upcoming Hawkeye episodes! Episode 3 featured Kate and Clint in an attempt to escape the Tracksuit Mafia and their boss, Echo. They steal a car from their compound and lead to an epic car chase, one very similar to the one in Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye. The one-take car chase in the following scenes was action-filled and featured the best scenes of the series so far.

Even though the show’s main attraction might be this car chase, there were some subtle details as to who might be the Big Bad in the series. Naturally, these hidden details and conversations among Echo and Kazi are building up to something big. And fans have a lot of questions on the subject. Here are the 4 most controversial questions of them.



By now, the show has hinted towards some of the bigger crime lords in the city. Echo and Kazi are seen talking about a bigger figure, to who they have to answer. The two seem pretty afraid of the figure, which leads us to believe that it might be, none other than, Kingpin himself. Echo calls this figure uncle which is another nod towards the presence of Kingpin in the bigger storyline. So, if Kingpin is in the MCU, why hasn’t Ronin reached him yet? After all, he vowed to finish all the mafia and crime lords in all of the World. So, why not kill Kingpin? That could have saved thousands of lives.


Worry not! Here we are, with an answer. If you concentrate on what Kate asked when they were thinking of going for the leader, Hawkeye’s comment makes something pretty awesome. He says that ‘he’s not someone to mess with’. And our answer makes complete sense if the man behind the crime is truly Wilson Fisk. And Barton has had dealings with him as Ronin. But somehow, they both survived each other.  Kingpin is not someone you can mess with and get out alive and Barton did. So this implies that Barton did go after Kingpin at some point but he was not able to go through with his task, mainly because Kingpin is, well, Kingpin.


Upcoming Hawkeye Episodes

One theory even suggests that the writers wanted Barton to go against Kingpin again. But this time, it will be with Kate Bishop.


The comic iteration of Jack Duquesne was a professional swordsman who mentored Clint Bartone, the Hawkeye, himself. However, in the MCU, he is more of a sword-collector and an excellent fencer and not anybody’s mentor. But what did he want Ronin’s sword this bad?


First, he went toe-to-toe with his uncle for the possession of the sword. He lost at the auction but still ended up with the sword. He seems to be enjoying his time with Ronin’s sword and even assassinated his own uncle with it. At least, that is what the series wants us to believe. He even went ahead with scaring the crap out of Clint by placing the sword at his neck. However, his reluctance to kill him has made fans believe that the writers might be going with the connection between Barton and Duquesne. They might have run into each other on occasions, and would be seen catching up in the next episode.


If this is true, it raises an even bigger question. Does Duquesne know about Ronin’s true identity? If he truly knew Clint Barton, he should have known that BArton is the real Ronin. This also explains why he wants that sword. He might just want the sword back for baiting Barton into a trap.


Upcoming Hawkeye Episodes

In the latest episode, we see Ronin killing some of the notable members of the Tracksuit Mafia. And as it turns out in one of Echo’s flashbacks into her past, her dad was one of the Tracksuits. And she believes that making Ronin pay for what he/she did will redeem her. This is why Echo seems hell-bent on catching Ronin and making him/her pay. But due to some circumstantial evidence, fans do not seem convinced that it was Ronin who killed Echo’s father. So, who was it?


There is a very high possibility that it was Ronin who took her father’s life. But the killer’s killing traits does not quite match up with Ronin’s. Ronin was the most ruthless version of Clint, so why would he leave behind someone after killing an entire group of Tracksuits? Why would he flee at the sight of someone, that too, a child’s. Adding to the suspicion, the angle by which we see Ronin swinging the sword. And the audience wasn’t able to catch the killer’s face. So, there is a possibility where Ronin might not be the one responsible for her father’s death. Also, Barton’s work as Ronin might have inspired a lot of people who wanted to avenge their loved ones. So, we can not accept that there was only one Ronin. It could simply be a copycat.


We hope we answered your biggest questions. Let’s see if the upcoming Hawkeye episodes will reveal similar answers. What did you think of them? Do let us know in the comments section.

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