Hidden Details In MCU Movie Backgrounds Worth The Pause

MCU films have been known to rig their scenes, with multiple easter eggs and details which aim at a past, current, or future event. In all of the MCU-produced movies, if one would go around, perfectly breaking down every scene in any given movie, one is certain to find some extremely interesting details about the previous movies or the ones in discussion. These minute details are the center of the narrative and may hide some major truths or spoilers about the narrative, which make them worth exploring by hitting the pause button. Generally, movies would have 1 or 2 maximum, but MCU movies tend to have several hidden details in the movie and one would generally have to keep their eyes peeled to catch these intricate details. Or play the video at a really slow frame rate to capture these details in effect. So here are the 10 hidden details in the MCU background, which are worth a pause.

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Peter Quill’s superpower

In the Guardians of the Galaxy, Peter is known to have an understanding of all languages of all alien life forms. This is further clarified when Peter is run through a prison scan which clarifies that he has a translation chip in his neck. That enables him to communicate and understand different species of aliens, and all at the same time.

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Tony is a target

In the Winter Soldier, when the 3 Heli carriers take to the air and start marking their targets, they are a potential threat to Hydra’s future projects. As computed by Dr. Arnim Zola’s algorithm, we witness the name ‘Tony Stark’ pop up on the screen. This was somewhat true, as the armored philanthropist could just sit down for 30 seconds, and could chalk out the entire plan that Hydra seems to have planned for so long. And foil it in a matter of minutes, making him the most important target on Hydra’s list.

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Rocket’s Rap sheet

In the Guardians of the Galaxy, when the guardians are taken to the Kyln, they are given yellow-colored prison uniforms. These uniforms display a compiled account of the prisoner’s misdeeds on the prisoner’s left leg starting from the hip down. In the scene where they break into the main prison control system, you can notice Rocket’s and Gamora’s list to be extended longer than the rest of the guardians.

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Easter Egg’s on Thor’s License

In the movie Thor, when Dr. Erik Selvig comes to the S.H.I.E.L.D facility which has been built around the Mjolnir, to save Thor. He hands over a fake id to agent Phil Coulson, to show that Thor was from planet earth and just trying to pull off some trick to get the hammer to win a bet. It was at this time when one focuses on the details mentioned in the license, which sees some interesting details. Like the name shown is ‘Donald Blake’, his actual human host for Thor’s spirit on planet earth, according to the comics.

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The Mask shaped ships

In the Black Panther movie, if one was to look closely. The underside of a Wakandan warship closely resembled the face mask of the Black Panther’s battle suit. The resemblance is only with the ships meant to be used in wars.

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Hank’s Lab

In the movie ‘Ant-man and the Wasp’, Hank Pym’s new lab’s interior displays a very different kind of interior. It somewhat looks like the entire lab has been made out of Lego bricks.

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Collector’s Collection

In the movie ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy 2014, as the guardians are seen entering the Collector’s lair, in the background one can witness a live specimen of a Chitahuri. It is the same species of aliens, which were seen invading New York in ‘The Avengers’ 2012.

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Tony’s Mark, I armor

‘Iron Man 2’ is shown depicting or showcasing a line of armor, that Tony had developed to date. However, the 1st armor has named a reconstruction, as probably he was never able to get hold of the original model that he built inside the cave in Afghanistan.

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Black Panther for Avengers

In ‘Iron Man 2’ 2010 we witness Nick Fury sitting in front of a console, which displays the map of Africa. This scene transpires the same moment when he invites Tony to be a part of the Avengers initiative. This scene has forced many fans to believe that, Nick Fury initially wanted the Black Panther to be at the helm of the Avengers initiative.

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War Machine’s Armor

In an awesome show of force, in ‘Captain America: Civil War’ if one was to closely look onto to War Machine’s armor. You would notice small robotic skulls drawn or stuck on like stickers. These stickers indicate, the War machine’s attempt to flaunt the number of Ultron he took down in the Age of Ultron movie.

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