A New Variant of Kang Could Appear In Moon Knight Before Ant-Man 3

We just recently got our first look at the upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe project for Disney+, Moon Knight. There was a lot of excitement surrounding the project because this would actually be the first time we might get to see a live-action interpretation of this character. There is a lot of excitement surrounding all these upcoming projects and Marvel’s secrecy only goes to increase the hype. We are going to witness a lot of new characters in the upcoming projects and they might play rather essential figures in the future of the MCU. Based on the comics, there is a chance that we’d end up seeing a new variant of Kang in the upcoming Disney+ series Moon Knight.


The concept of the variants was introduced to us in the Disney+ show Loki. Here we got to see the various variants of Loki himself and the concept was that of a person causing an event that branches away from the sacred timeline are called a variant. The TVA looks over these variants and ensures that these instances are avoided so that the sacred timeline is not affected by this. Such situations are handled by arresting the individual and bringing him/her in for questioning, meanwhile, the change he caused is undone in order to get rid of this branch.


New Variant of Kang

While we go to see a lot of variants of Loki in the series, the most daunting part of the narrative was the idea of the variant of He Who Remains, Kang the Conqueror. This character might actually cause a serious issue in the future of the MCU, being a multiversal villain himself. He Who Remains said that he had worked with his variants in order to bring order to the multiverse and protect the sacred timeline. There won’t be much time before we might actually end up seeing all his villain counterparts unleash their chaos in the MCU considering he was killed.



We might be focused on the appearance of He Who Remains in the upcoming Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania but there should be much more interest Rama-Tut. This variant of He Who Remains is actually someone the fans of the comics have been waiting for for quite a while now. It seems that Moon Knight might actually be the perfect place to introduce Rama-Tut as one of the variants. The comics had Nathaniel Richards travel to ancient Egypt to take over the land and name himself “Rama-TUT”. This is what sparked the wrath of Khonsu, the god of the moon and the master who took over Marc Spector, becoming Moon Knight.


How Can Rama-Tut Appear?

The TVA and the Sacred Timeline were massively affected in the final episode of Loki and this is a clear indication that the Variants of Kang can use the time according to their will in order to bring chaos to the universe. This chaos might actually avoid the timeline from creating new branches as then the variants of Kang would be forced to stay in the specific timelines for as long as they wish to. Thus, we might get a clear chance at the motivations of Khonshu and hence that would allow for a much better narrative for the Moon Knight series.


New Variant of Kang

Fans might be wondering how a character like Marc Spector will end up joining the Avengers to stop Kang. This could actually be clearly explained by the fact that Spector would have actually fought the enemy in his own series and that will actually show his drive to defeat his enemy once and for all. Thus we might actually see him next to the other MCU heroes defeating a figure like Kang who is being thought of as the next big baddie after Thanos.


Kang is supposed to get a proper introduction in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania as the man baddie for the movie. But other than Kang there are other variants like Iron Lad who is also supposed to join the Young Avengers next to Kate Bishop and the others. Based on the recent comics arc for Kang, it might prove to be a rather interesting narrative to see his variants proving how much daunting his variants could actually be.

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