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7 Reasons Why Batman Beyond Should Return

Fans got excited ever since it was announced that Michael Keaton will be reprising his Batman from the Tim Burton movies that revolutionized the way the character was developed. This was the major inspiration that led to other such movies that actually led to the present tone of the Batman character we are aware of. The new Flash movie is supposed to bring him using the Flashpoint Paradox narrative that has multiple versions of the caped crusader in a parallel universe. We are supposed to see both the Affleck Batman and the Keaton Batman in the movie. This has us pondering if Keaton will actually become the present Batman considering Ben Affleck is not sure about his return in the role. Here are the reasons why Batman Beyond should return for a sequel show that would explore the character in a futuristic rendition of Gotham.

Michael Keaton Reprising Batman

Ever since Tim Burton brought his interpretation of Batman to the screen with Michael Keaton taking on the titular role fans have grown more attached to the role. There was no chance that the fans thought they would see him take on the role again but they were proved wrong. The DCEU was thinking of adapting the Flashpoint Paradox narrative for quite a long time now and Batman plays a significant role in that story. But Keaton’s return brings in another interesting detail to the mix with this rendition of Bruce Wayne being at the right age for a Batman Beyond adaptation. We can clearly see him being the perfect choice for voicing the older Bruce Wayne for a return in the animated series.


Fandom For Batman Beyond

The Batman series has always had a massive fanbase and this was due to the absolutely brilliant narrative we saw it take. The Batman Beyond animated series was still one of the most interesting shows with some of the most interesting episodes. This series still has a massive fan following and over the years this fandom has only grown. We might have not gotten a new episode for about two decades but still, the series continues to be a cult favorite. A new take on the narrative might allow for a lot more details to be explored and thus newer plotlines might be at work.


Interesting Villains

Why Batman Beyond Should Return

Batman is known for having some of the best villains both in the comics and every other form of adaptation we have seen over the years. The same stands for the Batman Beyond as the fans of the comics will remember it also has some of the most awesome villains. A newer adaptation will give us a chance to see all these villains come to the screen and also bring newer renditions of classical villains. This includes the likes of the Joker King and the Royal Flush Gang, who are amongst the best of the new age villains for the futuristic Gotham era.


DC’s Rendition Of Daredevil With The Character

There are a lot of parallels drawn between the DC and Marvel characters and this also comes in the case of Terry McGinnis and Matt Murdock. Recently we got to see Daredevil get quite the fan following with the Netflix series and something similar could be seen from DC with the return of the Batman Beyond Narrative. The parallels between them, like the fact that both Terry and Matt know that life is grayer than one would think, could actually help us enjoy the series in a whole new manner.


DC Animated Universe

The DC Extended Universe has not been really successful in their critical response with more lows than highs. But the same cannot be said for the DC Animated Universe which has been quite successful considering it has a respectable fandom. There are a lot of narratives that this has explored and the animated shows have a clear chance for them to be inter-connected. It would be absolutely awesome to see Batman Beyond also playing a role in this universe with chances of certain characters making an appearance.


Finish The Story That Was Started

Why Batman Beyond Should Return

Fans of the Batman Beyond animated series will remember that the series was ended at quite an abrupt note. There was no clear reasoning given for canceling the show and fans thought it might have been done for some bizarre reasons. This was actually a bother considering the narrative was getting quite interesting and suddenly it was closed. A new sequel might actually give us a chance to see some sort of closure for the narrative that was left out randomly. 


HBO Max Bringing DC Stories

We are well aware that HBO Max has been working on bringing the DC projects to the screen in the upcoming years. This is actually good news for DC because HBO Max is actually one of the biggest players in the streaming service department. With the various creators who intend to work in bringing the projects to life, a sequel project might actually benefit the narrative of Batman Beyond.

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