16 Quirky References and Easter Eggs In Hawkeye Episode 3

Hawkeye brought the entire series to a whole new level of excitement with the latest episode that featured a lot of top-notch moments for about half an hour of an episode. The episode had moments that gave us some exposition and at the same time navigated through the present-day narrative of the series. We find out about Alaqua Cox’s Maya Lopex and that lets us know what drove her to what she is doing. At the same time, we got to see some of her fighting skills as she fought with Clint Barton. Not only that, but we also got to see some rather interesting close combat from Clint Barton using his arrows and the bow. But amongst all the usage of Bro‘s, all the exciting fighting, and insight into Hawkeye’s arrows, we got some rather interesting references. So, let’s take a look at some of the references and Easter Eggs in Hawkeye episode 3.

1. Maya Mentions Her Capoeira Fighting Style

One of the most exciting moments from the episode had Echo fighting Clint Barton she almost ends up beating him up. But there’s a reference to the very specific fighting style she uses in the scene. In the opening moments of the episode where we see her backstory, she is seen filling the blanks in her workbook. Amongst these fill in the blanks we see, “…to learn how to play capoeira.” which is a clear reference to the style she uses later when she is fighting Clint Barton. Capoeria is a Brazilian fighting-dance hybrid that is often seen in various fighting games and movies. This was actually mentioned in the comic book where Echo is both a martial artist and a skilled dancer.


2. Echo’s Father References The Shang-Chi Theory

One of the most surprising references that the episode makes is the subtle nod to Shang-Chi which was absolutely surprising. During the part that explores that backstory of Maya Lopez, we see her having a certain fascination for dragons as she is seen doodling about it on her workbook. Later as she is talking to her father she asks him about dragons and if they exist, her father tells her they might but in a different world.

Then she asks him what would happen if they come into their world and he responds with the fact that this would make them stronger. This is absolutely similar to the theory explained to us in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings that the Dweller-in-Darkness gets stronger if he comes to Earth. Plus he is a dragon-like creature that does come from a different universe or world.


3. Echo’s Owl Tease

The opening backstory becomes a moment of massive realizations and expositions and another interesting reference is made to a villain from the Marvel comics. When we are in Maya’s room when she’s talking to her father we see a lot of stuff in her room. Amongst these, the most noticeable is the handprint and an owl-like item. This could be a clear reference to the Owl supervillain from the Marvel comics. Leland Owlsley is a supervillain most commonly associated with Daredevil and considering we also get another Daredevil reference in this episode this could be a tease at a future villain.


4. Echo’s Powers From The Comics Teased

Echo’s powers include the ability to copy the moves of her opponents and use them against that person to defeat them in combat. We get to see something rather exciting in the episode where her power is teased when she is closely observing the technique used by someone in the Karate class. Later when she is fighting with that kid she finds the loophole in his move and defeats him even though she was smaller in size. This acts as a major idea about how she became an expert in combat skills because later in another fight when she is an adult, she observes her opponent and uses his own move against him. This might mean that finally, we will get to see a far more interesting version of Taskmaster with rather interesting fighting sequences.


5. Kingpin Reference

There has been one big theory surrounding Hawkeye and that involved the character of Kingpin making an appearance in the series. But we aren’t talking about just any other Kingpin but Vincent d’Onofrio’s version of the character from Netflix’s Daredevil series. When Maya’s father comes to see her in the Karate Class, he tells her that her uncle will drop her home after class. Then we are introduced to a mysterious character wearing a dark tuxedo and he takes touches her cheek. The cufflinks and the slight chuckle clearly indicate that it is indeed Vincent d’Onofrio’s version of Kingpin making an appearance in the series. Here’s to hoping we will get to see more of him in the series and in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


6. “Fat Man” Possibly Another Kingpin Reference

Easter Eggs in Hawkeye episode 3

In the expositional narrative of Echo, we see her character ending up witnessing the events where Ronin kills the ‘Tracksuit Mafia’. But before witnessing this when she returns to their base we see a board behind her that says ‘Fat Man Auto Repair’. This could be another conspicuous reference to the character of Kingpin himself. Kingpin is known for his giant frame and this is clearly referenced in the comics quite a lot in the form of names like ‘Fatty’ and ‘Big Willy’. This is another possible reference that we will get to see Kingpin in the series.


7. Bloody Hand Print Reference

An essential theory surrounding the character of Kingpin appearing in the series is the fact that the character is closely associated with Echo. The latter actually ends up getting adopted by Kingpin. A really nice reference is made to this moment from the comics when we see Echo holding her father as he is dying after being attacked by Ronin. He puts his hand on her cheek and this leaves a bloody handprint on her cheek. This is a reference to the moment from the comics where Maya’s father reaches out to her and leaves a bloody handprint on her face. Maya’s father was killed by Wilson Fisk and the latter then ends up adopting her.


8. Clint Says Black Widow Killed Ronin

Clint makes an interesting reference when he is asked about Ronin’s return by Echo. He intends to clarify that Kate wore the Ronin costume by mistake and she was not Ronin. But then Echo says that this doesn’t mean Ronin isn’t back and then Clint in order to make an end to this says that Ronin is dead. Upon being asked who killed Ronin he responds with the name of his longtime colleague and friend Black Widow. This is actually true in a rather poetic manner considering it was Natasha who went back and brought in Clint. He stopped being Ronin only because she asked him to and that does mean that in a way she killed Ronin and this was a truth that only Clint would understand.


9. Car Chase Sequence Referenced From The Comics

One of the most exciting bits from the episode was the entire car chase sequence that takes place there. Before the chase begins, we see Clint passing by a 1970 Red Dodge Challenger and Kate stops to look at it and Clint says they won’t smash that car. In the Matt Fraction comic book they actually end up using the Red Dodge Challenger car and this car actually gets quite damaged in the entire chase sequence. Clint even mentions how much admires the ride way before the car chase in the comics. Plus certain moments from the car chase also end up getting used in the series that includes the entire arrow sequence but Clint shoots the arrows in the comics. There was even a nod to this in the episode when Clint asks Kate to drive but then due to the arrival of the Mafia they hurry up and Clint ends up driving the car.


10. Another Cut-Off Swear For MCU

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has played it quite safe with the language in the movies and this is rather clear from the language used by the characters. But there are references here and there of something that might have come up but is cut-off midway. In the case of this episode, we see Kate Bishop uses the exploding arrow to detonate a Tracksuit Mafia van. Kate is thrilled upon seeing the damage it does to the car and she starts to utter, “Holy S-” before the camera cuts away from her. This is amongst various such moments from MCU’s history which include Aunt May’s “what the fu-” upon discovering Peter is Spider-Man and Nick Fury’s “motherfu-” when the latter is dusted during the post-credits scene of Avengers: Infinity War.


11. The Arrows From The Comics

Easter Eggs in Hawkeye episode 3

A majorly interesting moment from the episode was the insight into the various arrows that Hawkeye uses. All the arrows that are mentioned in the episode are taken from the comics except for the arrow that Clint uses on the bridge (we will talk about it very soon!). Some of these arrows have been used by Hawkeye before in the other MCU projects. This includes the USB arrow that was used by Hawkeye in The Avengers when he was under Loki’s control and he hacks the Hellicarries. This arrow was also used by him in the Disney+ animated series What If…?. The character recreates his famous Hawkeye move from The Avengers by using the grapple arrow and then later uses the suction arrow that was in the comics.


12. Hank Pym Reference

The most exciting bit from the episode has to be the use of the trick arrow in the bridge. This was better than any other of the arrows that we got to see in the episode, including the acid and the exploding arrows. Here we see him use an arrow that has the Pym Particle in it which is probably a reference to the Pym Particle Disks that we see Ant-Man use all the time. Fans of the comics were wondering if this would be the boomerang arrow but they were definitely surprised to something else play out entirely.


13. Rogers: The Musical Again With A Hawkeye Joke

There is another reference to Rogers: The Musical in the episode where we see the poster for the production hanging next to the subway train. While the show is definitely supposed to be a joke and something to annoy Clint, there is another joke in the poster in itself. The poster shows us most of the heroes appear in a rather large form in the front while Hawkeye is seen as a small figure quite away from the rest of the heroes.


14. Reference To Classic Hawkeye Costume

Marvel has a tendency of referencing the original costumes of various characters from the comics in their movies. This is a joke considering the costumes look awesome in the comics and their depiction makes for interesting memorable characteristics of the character but they can be really silly when brought to live-action. This was quite obvious and actually, reference when Kate draws a costume for Hawkeye and shows it to Clint. Clint mocks the costume while at the same time telling her his true purpose for being doing what he does.


15. Kate & Kazi’s Attraction Reference

A nice nod is made to the attraction that we get to see between and the character of Kazi from the Marvel comics. When Kate is talking about what happened in the warehouse she references Kazi as “the hot guy who spoke sign language”. While it is not sure if we will get to explore this narrative in the series but the two really have something in the Marvel comics.

16. What Is Sloan Ltd.?

To investigate the ‘Tracksuit Mafia’ Kate and Clint go to her mother’s penthouse so that they can hack into her security company. There they discover that Kazi is registered as an employee of “Sloan LTD” and Clint says that this name actually sounds familiar. There is a chance that this could be a reference to Willy Sloan who made an appearance in the comics and he was one of the Kingpin’s henchmen. Considering that Hawkeye knew about Kingpin it is rather clear that he might have had a past encounter with him or one of his henchmen.

Which other Easter Eggs in Hawkeye episode 3 did you spot? Let us know in the comments.

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