Why The Watch In Hawkeye Was So Important For The Tracksuit Mafia?

Hawkeye debuted on Disney+ with the first two episodes and it seems like there’s a lot to unpack with a whole new set of characters to explore. It seems like a very interesting narrative with some of the most interesting fight sequences. We have been made aware of the fact that the series will deal with matters surrounding the character of Hawkeye and how it had an impact on the events around him. Hawkeye manages to come up with various references to the past events of the MCU and this is a clear indication that those events will have an impact on the series. The goons that fought Kate Bishop were actually looking for the Avengers watch in episode 1. Why was the watch in Hawkeye so important to the Tracksuit Mafia? 


The first two episodes of the Disney+ show landed with a lot of exciting stuff and we are all ready to unpack it one by one to explore each and everything one by one. This will be a much more exciting ride considering we will get to see things from a much safer view as we navigate with the two characters. There are parallels drawn between them and we even get a somewhat background on Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop even though some things are kept in the dark.


While it is still not clear who might be the primary villain of the series we are getting antagonist vibes from characters set around both the protagonists. As we see Kate Bishop tries to come to terms with the news that her mother, Eleanor Bishop, played by Vera Farmiga is engaged to Tony Dalton’s Jacques Duquesne. She suspects the Duquesne family when she discovers Armand Duquesne arguing with her mother. This leads her to investigate the person and she ends up uncovering an underground auction of items from the Avengers Compound.


There is no clear explanation of why and who is conducting this auction except for the fact that both the members of the Duquesne family seem to be present there. Here we are introduced to Ronin’s sword which will probably be a major part of the narrative going ahead. Then as Ronin’s suit is about to be sold an attack takes place and this team focuses on getting a watch.


The Watch In Hawkeye?

While we are not explained what significance this watch has or what it means but we do get to have a glance at it when one of the goons gets his hands on it. But then the entire narrative shifts from the watch to Ronin and Ronin’s suit. This makes us wonder what the significance of this watch might be because it has not been mentioned before in MCU.


The Watch In Hawkeye

Some fans have been linking it with the watch that Tony Stark was wearing when he was fighting the Winter Soldier during the latter’s escape in Captain America: Civil War. We see Stark make a glove out of his watch that he then uses to defend himself from the attacks of Winter Soldier. But both these watches seem to be a lot different and there is a chance that they might be completely different things after all. The glove weapon did make a return when Happy Hogan is seen wearing it in the zombie episode of What If…?.


This might be just some expensive watch that might not be of any significance going ahead in the narrative of the series. While there is a chance that this watch might be of importance to the people from completely different and it might be an updated version of Stark’s watch we saw in Civil War. Let’s see if we will get to see this in the upcoming episodes of the series as the goons end up acquiring the watch in the end.

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