The Post Credit Scene of Eternals Changed The History of Thanos In MCU?

The post-credits scenes for the Marvel Cinematic Universe have always been rather important in determining the future of the franchise. These scenes tend to give us moments that describe the future of the franchise and also introduce new characters to the movie. Eternals had one of the most interesting post-credits scenes that added to the lot of new characters the movie was already introducing and at the same time gave us the fate of a character in MCU. Harry Styles’ Starfox cameo was a welcome addition to the roster of the characters but at the same time, it might also mean some changes in the past MCU projects. There is a chance that Starfox’s presence in the post-credits scene of Eternals changed the presumed history of Thanos in MCU.

The Post-Credits Scene of Eternals

Eternals introduced us to a lot of things that will continue to be a massive part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the upcoming years. While this involved the various heroes who were featured in the movie there were also some additions via the post-credits scene. As Angelina Jolie’s Thena, Barry Keoghan’s Druig, and Lauren Ridloff’s Makkari head out to look for other Eternals in the galaxy, they encounter a whole new Eternal. This is none other than Harry Style as the character of Eros a.k.a. Starfox.


The character appears in a costume that looks interestingly comic accurate with the red-and-white color. This addition has come as a major surprise to the fans of the MCU considering he has a connection to a major MCU character. Starfox was actually a major character in the Marvel comics who was also a part of the Avengers during the mid-1980s.


This ensures that the character will continue to be a significant part of the movies and not just some cameo. He probably might end up a major character in the rescue of Brian Tyree Henry’s Phastos, Gemma Chan’s Sersi, and Kumail Nanjiani’s Kingo in the sequel. But there are other essential points regarding this character that might give us a fair idea about how he may be used in the movie.



Eternals are considered to be the oldest group of heroes in Marvel Comics who were based on Earth but had split up due to a decision. While most of them stayed back on Earth, the others led by A’Lars went to outer space in search of a new home for them. They decided to form a colony on Saturn’s moon, Titan, and these Eternals were then known as Titanian Eternals. It was here that A’Lars fathered Starfox and Thanos. Due to the presence of a Deviant gene, Thanos had a completely different appearance in comparison to the other Eternals who mostly looked humanlike.


History of Thanos In MCU

Thanos has been a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe for quite a long time and the character played the primary antagonist in the Infinity Saga narrative. We are told that Thanos actually belonged to an alien species that had to suffer due to the lack of resources. They used to inhabit the planet of Titan where we got to see a major battle sequence take place between the heroes and the character of Thanos and a few of the Avengers. Avengers: Infinity War was able to tell us most of these things about the Mad Titan including the fact that he was father was indeed A’lars in the scene where goes to retrieve the Soul Stone. But this still left us in the dark regarding some other important parts of the character’s history.


How Eternals Changes Thanos

Post Credit Scene of Eternals

There were some major changes that Eternals made to the story from the comics regarding the Eternals and these changes might affect some narratives that we might have taken into consideration. According to the movie, the Eternals were made at a place called the World Forge and each one of them is a synthetic being built on Celestial technology. Introducing Starfox to the MCU they have now complicated the arc of Thanos and how he will work in the MCU.


History of Thanos

Starfox introduces himself as an Eternal and this meant that Thanos is also an Eternal. But considering the fact that the Eternals are synthetic robotic beings how can they have blood relations. Throughout the MCU movies, Thanos was never imagined to be a synthetic lifeform but was an organic lifeform born and brought up on Titan. While adding Starfox to the MCU is actually exciting but it leaves us to wonder a lot of things that Marvel has to explain now.


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