The Original Story of Ana De Armas Could Have Ruined No Time To Die

The 25th James Bond movie No Time To Die seems to have a lot of references to one of the most off-beat James Bond movies, On Her Majesty’s Secret Service. This caused the movie to be quite different from past James Bond movies too. The narrative changed quite a few elements that we have usually witnessed in past James Bond movies. This makes the movie an interesting watch with the perspective of Daniel Craig’s take on the character but it doesn’t quite work as a James Bond movie. But the one major high point of the movie has to be the scene where James Bond goes on a mission with Ana De Armas’ Paloma. It seems that there were completely different plans for Paloma. So, the original story of Ana De Armas might have ruined Bond 25.

Paloma In No Time To Die

Ana De Armas appears on the screen for a 10-minute role as the character of Paloma but she still ends up being one of the most exciting parts of the movie. She appears as a completely fresh recruit but ends up proving her worth to Bond when she fights with the Spectre henchmen. This is something that has not been seen in any of the past James Bond movies where a female character has been allowed to take the spotlight for a certain period of time. She appears rather naive and innocent in the starting but she drops the entire act once things go south and she has to get into action.


Original Story of Ana De Armas

According to original plans for the character of Paloma, she was supposed to be appearing in the movie for even less time than she did. If this was actually taken into consideration then we would have lost the most exciting 10 minutes of the movie. Her role gave a chance to elevate the way female characters have been treated in the past James Bond movies and at the same time make the Cuba scenes absolutely exciting to watch.


The writers of the movie, who have also written the last seven features in the franchise, said that the first draft of the script involved Paloma only as a contact. According to them, the character was never supposed to have so much to explore and build a dynamic with James Bond. Luckily director Cary Joji Fukunaga felt that there was a lot more to the character and he pushed for the character to develop this fantastic chemistry with James Bond that we got to see in the movie.


Original Story of Ana De Armas

If the character would have been left as a mere contact then she would have been another one of James Bond’s lady friends and this would have stuck to the past tropes of the character. Paloma breaks this trope and it actually gives us a fair idea of the other spies that exist in this world of characters. Her presence actually shows us that Bond could use some help and we do see a proper plan is executed in the scene.


Original Story of Ana De Armas

There have been long plans of a spinoff based on a character from the James Bond movies and it is fairly obvious that Paloma is the perfect candidate for such a role. We might not get to see her in the next James Bond movie but she can have her spinoff movie based on the narrative from No Time To Die. We will get to see the actress take on a similar role with the upcoming John Wick spinoff, Ballerina. Until then we should be grateful for the 10-minute awesome sequence from No Time To Die.

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