The Hiroshima Bombing of Eternals Shows How Dangerous It Is To Use Real World Events

The Hiroshima Bombing of Eternals Shows How Dangerous It Is To Use Real-World Events. Marvel just retconned a real-world event. They did this by implying that the Hiroshima bombing was the Eternals’ fault. The Marvel Cinematic Universe has taken it upon itself to rework the superhero genre once again. this time they are aided by oscar-winning director Chloe Zhao and an equally amazing cast. They also have 10 superheroes to introduce and Zhao did it all in beautiful fashion. But there is something about Eternals that doesn’t sit well with us.

Particularly, the fact that the movie presents a very Grimm look of humanity. That in itself may not have been a problem. After all, human beings are cynical by nature and by virtue of the times. But the problem with this narrative is that it attempts to pass the blame onto the Eternals. We will talk about it a little more but first, we need to give you a little background. For whoever has not seen Eternals this is your last warning. Spoilers ahead.


So Eternals are a race of immortal beings who were created by the Celestials in the world forge. They can’t evolve and they do not age. In fact, they are blessed with Infinite cosmic energy which allows them to halt aging. This also means that they cannot evolve. The very fact that they are stuck as they are makes their existence undesirable, as evidenced by Sprite. Another thing about the Eternals is that they were sent here to fight the deviants. They were supposed to guard the intelligent life on Earth until a Celestial was born. Much like the Netflix show Final Space.


Hiroshima Bombing of Eternals

But that is the central storyline of the movie. We are not concerned about that today. Today we are going to be talking about the solo arc of Phastos during the movie. The Eternal Phastos is blessed with cosmic energy which he uses to create machines. These machines can be used in a variety of ways. He can even bless the said machines with his own cosmic energy. This allows him to power them autonomously and control them freely. It is a very handy power, one that he uses to hold down Ikaris, the mightiest Eternal, in the third act of the movie.


Phastos is undoubtedly strong. But he decides to use his gift to bless humans with technology. He gives them farming implements and tools. He teaches them to be curious. To create and to use new things. But most important of all he gives them the scientific method. We take his gifts and we create horrendous machines, then we create one of the most devastating weapons known to mankind. We then use this weapon to destroy one of our own cities. The Hiroshima bombing breaks Phastos, he regrets giving humans technology.


Hiroshima Bombing of Eternals

Thereby, the Eternal loses his faith in humanity. This leads to him secluding himself into a quiet life. It is here that he meets his husband and adopts a child. However, the real problem with this arc is that it puts the blame of humanity’s crime on the shoulders of the Eternals. Technology and weapons are tools. They do not have a will of their own. To imply otherwise is to make logical leaps that are neither possible nor necessary. We understand Phastos’ self-imposed guilt. But we must clarify that such guilt is completely needed. The Eternals were not supposed to interfere in human conflict.


Real World Retcon

They could not have done anything even if they wanted to. The Eternals were bound by their duty. This may also be one of the reasons why they choose to rebel against the Celestials this time around. We cannot know what went through their minds but the Hiroshima bombing of Eternals was not their fault. It was our fault. humanity’s fault. We wanted power and we wanted domination so the USA bombed Hiroshima in retaliation for the Pearl Harbour attack. It’s War, shit happens, the least we can do is take responsibility for it. This was our fault and not some cosmic beings.


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What do you think of our analysis? Do you agree with Marvel’s retcon of the real world? Or do you agree with us? Let us know your opinion in the comments below. Also tell us if you have seen Eternals and if yes, let us know what you think about it. Keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!!

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