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The Batman – New Catwoman Theory Suggests That She Will Reveal The Riddler’s Plans!

By the looks of the trailer, the relationship between Batman and Catwoman seems odd. And we have reasons to think that due to their relationship with each other, Catwoman will be a crucial aspect of Riddler’s plans. And she will be the key to stopping Riddler and his twisted plans to free Gotham of its corruption. Bare with us and check out this new Catwoman theory that we’ve come across.

The main trailer of The Batman gave us a deeper insight into the roles of many characters of the movie. The trailer delivered the most brutal version of Gotham City, just as promised by the director. The protagonist seems just as fierce as the antagonist. And their attempt to save the physical appearance of Riddler implies that he will be more dangerous and trickier than Jim Carrey’s iterations of the character (Batman Forever). And words don’t seem to do justice to Zöe Kravitz’s portrayal of Catwoman.


The trailer suggests that The Riddler plans to weed out corruption from Gotham city. However, the methods he plans to use are a bit extreme, to say the least. After all, seeing himself as a hero is one of Riddler’s character traits. The same can be said for Catwoman. She, too, fails to understand the difference between crime and vigilantism. And it is because of this trait that we believe that she will be a part of Riddler’s plans.



Catwoman Theory

We know that all the characters of the movie have appeared before in Batman movies. However, the creators have promised that this movie will feature them in their never-seen-before version. The Riddler was supposed to be like just another criminal in the city, who antagonizes innocents for pleasure or revenge. However, this version of Riddler seems more concerned with the crime levels of the city and wants to reduce them. Similarly, Batman’s character usually attempts to stop the petty criminals and neutralize or kill the big ones. However, Robert Pattinson’s Batman will be more violent and scary. He uses fear and vengeance as his weapons. He is no longer Batman, ’cause He is VENGEANCE!


Catwoman Theory

Catwoman is a character who has been undermined in the old entries. She is often overlooked by the hero and the villain, alike, and Matt Reeves used this quality to his benefit. Catwoman has a complex relationship with Batman. Both times in Batman Returns and again in The Dark Knight Rises, it was ignoring their chemistry that the villains fell to their doom. However, Paul Dano’s Riddler is far smarter than that. He will be using his riddles and tricks to test the detective skills of Batman and the limits he will go to, to stop him. With the hints given in the trailer, it is clear that he is aware of the Batman-Catwoman conundrum and will be a part of his tricks.



The Riddler might figure out their relationship and target both Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Bruce Wayne personally. They both have a huge role to play in the city’s crime. They might be vigilantes but that doesn’t justify their actions. Riddler might not see them as heroes but villains. And when he comes to know that Bruce has a soft spot for Catwoman, he will go at them hard. And if Catwoman’s cinematic history has taught us anything, it’s that she can side with anybody, even the antagonist. Maybe Riddler might use her as bait, much like Bane, but in the end, her loyalties lie with the hero.


The movie can have a somewhat similar plot. A theory for the future even suggests that Matt Reeves might use their ever-changing allegiances for the sequels of the franchise. If they feature Penguin as well, his association with the Catwoman might come into play too. However, if the director decides to finish off Riddler’s arc in the first movie itself, we have a theory for that as well. This could lead to Catwoman becoming the main antagonist of the sequel. We could do theories all day, every day… But it has to be goodbye for now.

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