How Tall is Tiamut From Eternals? The Celestial’s Height Revealed

Eternals featured some rather interesting characters from the MCU that we had only heard of and seen in comics. There was some excitement about the live-action interpretation of the godlike beings in Marvel for the movie. The enormity of their personas and their physical appearance was something that could be actually difficult to pull off. But Marvel is known for the attention to detail that they play and this was something that was rather essential for the movie. Do you want to know how tall is Tiamut from Eternals? While most of the work surrounding characters in Eternals was figurative, let’s take a look at Tiamut’s actual height which was recently revealed by the VFX artist behind him.

Tiamut’s Height

Chloé Zhao’s Marvel project actually introduced us to a lot of the Celestials who were initially brought in with the Guardians of the Galaxy movies. Among the Celestials include Arishem the Judge who created the stars, the planets, and life forms. It is later told to us in the movie that with the planet Earth a new celestial was incubating, feeding off the life force created by the life forms. Arishem brought the Eternals to protect the inhabitants from the Deviants so that one day the Celestial, Tiammut may rise. Sersi along with some of her fellow Eternals to stop the emergence of the new Celestial Tiamut and thus prevent the Earth from destruction.


How tall is Tiamut from Eternals

In a recent interview with Comicbook.com, VFX supervisor Matt Aiken revealed that one of the major challenges of the movie was the special effects required for the massive scale of Tiamut. He revealed that Aiken needed to be rather large but also be playable to the visuals of the scene that would indicate his rise. He revealed:

And the big thing that came to bear for us was about [Tiamut’s] immense scale. It’s a hundred kilometers from his hand to his head. I think it’s 500 kilometers, about 300 miles, from his head to his toes, so he’s pretty big…and it’s just we had to really find a language around that scale that helped explain that he was huge and big.


This just goes to show the dedication that Marvel puts into the characters that will play some rather essential part in the future of the MCU. These characters have been a massive part of the narrative of the comics and they will become major villains in future projects. It makes us wonder about the challenge that the heroes will face when they confront each other in a future project.


So now we know the answer to the question – How tall is Tiamut from Eternals. Did this piece of info change your life??? Let us know in the comments.

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