10 TV Shows That You Can’t Watch With Your Parents

There was a time when sexually explicit content and nudity was not very consistent in the TV shows. But the trend has been changed. Now, this content can be found on every other TV show. So, today we’ll bring you the most popular TV shows that are filled with sex and nudity.

Masters of Sex

It’s a pretty bold sexual drama which seeks to educate and entertain its audience at the same time. Lizzy Caplan as Virginia Johnson and Michael Sheen as Dr. William are the torchbearers of this new “sexual revolution” in the society.

Game Of Thrones

It doesn’t need any introduction as the name says it all. It’s the greatest fantasy adventure drama the TV has ever produced. In short, Game of Thrones is all about sex & violence among wannabe Kings & Queens.

Queer As Folk

As the name suggests, it’s a story of two gay friends living their lives amidst a cocktail of sex, mystery, one-night stands, and drugs.

Orange Is The New Black

it’s now one of the best prison shows ever made. It deals with the themes such as broken US legal system, the prison-industrial complex, gender discrimination etc. Well, there is a tonne of jail sex to see as expected.

True Blood

It’s a part of the long list of teenage supernatural dramas on TV, but it’s one of the good ones. It follows the story of Sookie, a telepath barmaid in Louisiana whose life turned upside down when she meets a vampire.

The Sopranos

Definitely, one of the best gangster TV shows. The late actor James Gandolfini plays Tony Sopranos who is mired with issues on the personal and professional front. The show is high on sex and violence.


It’s one of the most sexually arousing show despite having graphic violence not meant for the faint-hearted. It follows the story of the greatest gladiator named Spartacus, his struggles, and women in his life.

 Sons of Anarchy

Probably the only thing Charlie Hunnam is known for is Sons of Anarchy. It’s sexually charged and laced with intrigue which shouldn’t be missed.


tv shows

It’s a story of Hank Moody who is a narcissistic author trying to overcome writer’s block with drugs, beautiful women, alcohol etc. and raising a daughter amidst this environment. Check it out.


Only HBO can produce a show like “Girls” which openly rips apart every possible myth that exists in our society concerning the sexuality of young girls. Lena Dunham totally nailed it and liberated girls from the cages built by social norms.

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