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Eternals Basically Proves How Mutants Will Arrive In The MCU

Fans were highly anticipated for Eternals ever since the first announcements regarding the project were made. The movie gave us a whole new way to look a the Marvel Cinematic Universe and how the various elements surrounding the universe come together. There were various concepts about Marvel that the movie was able to give an explanation with the narrative and the various expositions in the movie. Fans had various theories that the movie was supposed to give a hint at but it seems MCU saved those for later. Marvel has confirmed that mutants will be included in the MCU with some projects in the future. Fans expected that there will be a hint at the mutants in Eternals, but the absence of any such mention might prove how mutants will arrive in the MCU.


Eternals dealt with the characters who had been on Earth for around 7,000 years helping mankind out in the various aspects of their lives. This was shown heavily in the movie with all the various aspects also playing out in the modern-day. While the Eternals come to terms with their true purpose we get to see that the whole concept has been interpreted in a slightly different manner from the comics.


How Mutants Will Arrive In The MCU

This very difference might have affected a major way through which mutants would have been introduced into the MCU. Fans had been waiting for any news regarding the addition of the Mutants ever since the announcement of the Disney/Fox merger. A Fantastic Four movie is already under development with a release date already confirmed for the movies. We found out that Deadpool 3 was also gonna be a part of the MCU. There hasn’t been any announcement regarding a project surrounding the mutants yet but Eternals had a clear chance for doing that.


How Eternals Could Have Introduced Mutants?

How Mutants Will Arrive In The MCU

According to the comics, the Celestials had created the Deviants on Earth for their own purposes but it seems that the Deviants became monstrous and created havoc. It was then that the Eternals were created to fight the Deviants off and save the original plans the Celestials had for Earth. Humans were supposed to be then inheritors of Earth and they were supposed to be a species who would try and maintain their peace. At the same time, there were also some advanced genes at work that would probably end up being the X-gene.


This X-gene was first introduced in the 1980s in a story that didn’t want to make a clear mention of the mutation but fans would be clearly able to understand what it meant. In the very first comics, both Eternals and Deviants were made by tinkering with the genetics of the ancient apes on Earth. This is far from the concept of the robotic shells that the movie introduced. While working on these two species another latent gene was left in the apes who would later evolve to being humans.


This origin is rather unique considering the term “Mutants” wasn’t even mentioned here and that is quite similar to the way various mutants in the MCU have not been referred to as Mutants. These mutants include the likes of Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver who were not referred to as mutants in the movie. But since this entire origin story for the Eternals and the Deviants was dropped there is no chance that we would get to see the Mutants introduced via Eternals.


This is not the only way considering there are various other ways in which the Eternals could have brought in the Mutants. The other would have been via the transmutation capabilities of Sersi herself. She could have herself planted the X-Gene in the early periods of their arrival on Earth and thus created the Externals, who were the oldest known Mutants.

That storyline could have actually brought in En Sabah Nur who is one of the oldest Mutants also known as the Apocalypse. Considering, the early events of Eternals take place around 7,000 years back this could have been achieved. The movie shows us that Sersi is more human-loving and thus there is no chance that she would go forward with this sort of genetic experimentation.


Wolverine return in MCU

With Kevin Feige announcing that the Mutants will appear in the MCU way before the fans expect them to, fans imagined Eternals would be the ideal vehicle to make this happen. But now that the movie clearly has no indications for that, fans can be sure that MCU has other plans for introducing the X-Men. There is a chance that Eternals might have confirmed another possible way for bringing in the Mutants.


How Mutants Will Arrive In The MCU?

Ever since the end of the Infinity Saga, a major focus has been paid to the concept of the Multiverse and various projects have addressed it. The utilization of the concept of Time Travel in Avengers: Endgame triggered the idea and fans have been wondering about the Multiverse ever since then. While Loki gave us some idea regarding how the timeline works in MCU, Spider-Man: No Way Home will properly establish the Multiverse. The movie will actually bring back some of Sony’s past projects surrounding Spider-Man with both the villains and heroes from those movies set to have appearances here.


The next big project regarding the multiverse after No Way Home has to be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness which is already supposed to feature a major Mutant. There have been reports and theories surrounding the fact that we might get to see Professor X in the movie. This clearly means that Marvel might end up using the Multiverse as a gateway to the various Mutant characters.


How Mutants Will Arrive In The MCU

With Deadpool 3 set to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is rather clear that Marvel will be using the Multiverse as a means of bringing him in. Considering the movie was announced to be the third film in the Deadpool movies we can be sure that the narrative will also be in continuation. But while this means that Fox characters will show up in MCU, it also creates a major plothole.


The Time Travel Plothole

One of the biggest plot devices in Avengers: Endgame has to be the concept of Time Travel and how it works in the MCU. Time travel has been used in various movies over the years and there have been various ways in which the movies have dealt with it. But MCU had been working upon this concept with the various theories involved in it being introduced at various times in the franchise.


Fox also used the concept of time travel in X-Men: Days of Future Past, where we saw Wolverine’s present consciousness being sent to his older self back in time. This was brought in quite abruptly considering the movies hadn’t hinted at any such theory before. The plot device was brought using Kitty Pride’s powers. But the repercussions of Time Travel were different in both cases.

According to the MCU, traveling through time won’t affect the future and it would only create a branched alternate timeline to the sacred timeline. Various experts have suggested that this is a more accurate interpretation of how time travel would work out. But according to the X-Men films, the past can be used as a means of causing changes in the future. Writer Simon Kinberg mentioned that this was inspired by Terminator 2: Judgement Day.


The MCU concept has been further explored in the Disney+ series Loki where we were introduced to the TVA who make sure to prevent such branched realities from existing. If the Fox characters are brought into the MCU then it would definitely cause this plot hole and that will impact the narrative of Loki. So it is fairly obvious that MCU will reboot the X-Men franchise just like they are supposedly rebooting the Fantastic Four and then bring us fresh faces as the Mutants in the MCU.

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