When Is The Uncharted Movie Set In The Game’s Timeline?

Uncharted just got its trailer released online yesterday and we got our first look at the live-action interpretation of the characters from the massively successful games. This is another addition to the massive number of movies based on games in recent times. If the trailer is any indication then we will surely get to see one of the most awesome adventure-filled action films in a long time. Fans are already comparing the scenes from the trailer to certain parallels it draws from the games. We are still left to thinking when will the story of Uncharted going to be set in the timeline for the games. Considering we will get to see a younger Nathan Drake we are left wondering when is the Uncharted movie set in the game timeline.


Uncharted is directed by Ruben Fleischer and it stars quite a few interesting cast of characters. The actors associated with the project are also rather interesting names who have been established in the industry for quite a while now. The movie is supposed to feature some of the interesting sequences similar to the games. If the trailer is any hint then we are definitely going to get something around the levels of which we were promised. While it is hardly possible to bring the action from the game to the live-action but the movie might prove otherwise. We will get to see a rather young Nathan Drake who will be the main protagonist being played by Tom Holland in the movie. This definitely means that the movie will follow a narrative that will be quite early in the adventures of Nathan Drake from the games.


The Uncharted Timeline

Nathan Drake is 31 years old in the first Uncharted video game but by the starting of Uncharted 3, he is 35 years old. There are flashbacks present in the game that date back to when he was 15. We find that this is the very age he is first introduced to Sully and they start their friendship that will probably be lifelong. Based on the cutscenes we can guess that Nate goes on a number of adventures with Sully and also with his older brother Sam between the flashback scenes in Uncharted 3 and the initial parts of the first Uncharted.


When Is The Uncharted Movie Set?

Nathan Drake appears to be around 20 years old, give or take a couple of years in the Uncharted movie. The movie might explore the chunk of time that is set between the flashbacks of Uncharted 3 and the start of Uncharted. As we know that Nate is 31 years old in the first game we can clearly see that the movie will be set a decade before that game. There are some events that were actually present in the games that might mean the movie might retcon these events and hence end up ensuring the movie is not canonical with the franchise.


When Is The Uncharted Movie Set

This is not a surprise considering the movie is retconning how Nathan Drake and Sully first met. According to the games, the two meet when Nate was 15 in Colombia as they both were trying to steal a ring that belonged to Sir Francis Drake. But the first trailer for the Uncharted movie showed that their meeting takes place in New York City when Nate seems to be around 20 years old. This means that there will be a massive change in the way their relationship works out considering the origin of the relationship is completely changed.


It’s difficult to exactly point out where the movie differs from the timeline of the video games because the story of the movie hardly relates to that of the game. Nate is also shown meeting Chloe in the trailer for the movie but this is something that was not shown in the games. Hence, it can be believed that the movie might be building its own narrative with the characters from the games.

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