The Stan Lee Cameo in ‘Captain Marvel’ Creates a Big MCU Paradox

Captain Marvel is out and is busy breaking records at the box-office. There are a lot of things about which the fans across the globe are talking about but nothing beats Stan Lee cameo in the movie. In Captain Marvel, we saw both, a cameo of Lee along with a heartwarming tribute video right in the beginning of the movie. Many had tears in their eyes, as that tribute brought back all the memories of the past. But there has been a certain focus on Lee’s cameo in the film because of the continuity breakdown which many fans have spotted in the movie.

Captain Marvel Stan Lee Cameo MCU


The cameo was great as he played a version of himself in the movie. We spotted her when Captain Marvel was hunting down a Skrull agent in the streets of LA. The chase was really intense and leads Captain Marvel into a metro train with passengers sitting. She starts playing ‘Duck, Duck Goose’ with all the passengers.

Captain Marvel Stan Lee Cameo MCU

That’s when we see 1995’s version of Stan Lee sitting as one of the metro passengers, who is headed to film a cameo in Kevin Smith’s film Mallrats. Carol recognizes him, breaks out of the character for a moment and smiles at him. But, there are a lot of people and fans of Marvel who are arguing that Stan Lee’s cameo in Captain Marvel is a massive paradox.

Captain Marvel Stan Lee Cameo MCU

The argument they’re presenting is that if Stan Lee exists as real-life Stan Lee in the MCU, then what would Lee be famous for? As we all know that, in reality, he has created an entire universe filled with fantastic superheroes. But, in the MCU those superheroes exist in real without any creative help from Lee.

Captain Marvel Stan Lee Cameo MCU

So, the question fans are asking is that if Stan Lee isn’t the geek and pop-culture icon then why on earth the MCU version of Kevin Smith wants to have Lee in Mallrats? Well, yes it is a kind of ‘Chicken or Egg debate’. Well, for now, there isn’t much focus on this but if this will rise in future then they may correct it with their trademark little tricks in editing or filming.

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