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The Flash: Why The Other Barry Allen is Wearing A Bat-Suit???

DCEU has been a bit of a mess for quite some time. The reason for this is not terrible CGI or box office results. In fact, both the earnings and the special effects have been on point. The reason for the mess is the constant retconning that is happening. WB doesn’t seem ready to commit to a storyline and follow-through, and their cinematic universe is suffering because of it. The Studio hopes that The Flash will be a solution to their problems. But a question everyone has on their minds after DC FanDome 2021 is why the other Barry Allen is wearing a Bat-Suit???

After watching The Flash teaser we are unsure whether the movie will be a solution to the continuity issue or whether it will create more issues for the cinematic universe. The teaser is incoherent. Its purpose is not to inform but to baffle and amaze and it certainly accomplishes that. Many fans have speculated that the story of the movie will follow The Flashpoint Paradox comic storyline. That storyline gave birth to the New 52 continuity, it is expected that The Flash will do something for the DCEU.


But the thing is that there are structural problems with this claim. Created partially because of the existence of two Flash(es) in The Flash trailer and the confirmation of two potential Batmen appearing in the movie. We are all for convoluted plots and complex storylines but maybe DC is taking too much on its plate by shoving so many people in one movie. Especially one meant to untangle their web of continuity problems.


Barry Allen is Wearing A Bat-Suit

The Flash teaser is meant to intrigue and confuse us. It is a collection of sequences that do not make a coherent story but gives us a sense of being lost in the multiverse much like our DCeU Flash finds himself lost. It has been speculated that the story follows The Flashpoint Paradox comic and an animated movie. In that story, The Flash travels back in time to save Nora Allen, his mother from being murdered. There are some scenes in the trailer that corroborate this claim.


But there are a lot of other hidden easter eggs that show us that this might be a very different Flashpoint Paradox than we remember. One of which is the fact that the long-haired Barry Allen is wearing a Bat-suit. The Flash started filming in April 2021 after which director Andy Muschietti shared a couple of pictures depicting the concept art from the movie. One of these pictures was of Michael Keaton’s old Bat-suit with a flash symbol painted on top of it. This made no sense at the time the picture surfaced but things have changed after The Flash trailer.


Now, fans speculate that this picture is of a closeup of the suit that the long-haired Ezra Miller is wearing in the teaser. When you look at the suit closely you’ll see that it is a bit more armor-like than an ordinary flash suit. Moreover, it looks more like Keaton’s bat-suit has been painted over by this version of The Flash. Another evidence of this is another shot in the trailer where w see so some painting the same lightning symbol on some tactical boots which also seem to be repurposed from the Bat-suit.


The Conclusion

This is why we think that The long-haired flash from the trailer is using spray paint. This universe’s Barry Allen is wearing a Bat-Suit not because he wants to. But because it seems to be his best choice at the moment. There’s a possibility that this Barry does not have the powers of The Flash at the start of the movie and a sequence much like The Flashpoint Paradox will be necessary to enable him to get his powers back. This will be interesting to see since it almost killed both Batman and Flash in the comics when it happened.


It may sound a bit peculiar but it is also the best theory we have. What do you think of our analysis and theory? Does it make sense? OR does it seem too far-fetched? Let us know in the comments down below.

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