MCU Plot Hole: Gamora is Alive But Thanos Still Has The Soul Stone

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has done things that were never expected from any film studio, much less one that exclusively makes superhero movies. Yet the franchise has expanded well beyond its native media. It now exists in all forms of entertainment, be it comic books or OTT series. One of the most intriguing experiments that marvel has done recently is the expansion into animation with What If…?. In the last episode, there is a plot hole, Gamora is alive but Thanos still has the soul stone and this is very strange.

Ultron became one of the most powerful beings when he integrated all the infinity stones into his own body. But Redditor u/SpikeyTaco noticed a plot hole in the iconic episode. He posted on r/WhatIfMarvel:

He got them, he’s dead. Let’s roll………… However, Thanos had the Soul Stone. So far in the MCU, we’ve only seen this stone acquired through yeeting someone you love off a cliff. However, during Ultron Infinite’s workout montage as he cleans up shop, we clearly see Gamora alive and well. Well, for a moment……..Quoting our big bro in the sky “What the hell?”

Is there another way to acquire the stone? Did Gamora find a way and willingly give it to her dear papa? Or Did the production team just forget whilst throwing in cameos? Perhaps the Redskull take a day off? Did he love Nebula enough for her to be sacrificed?


tl;dr We see Gamora alive, how do you think Thanos got the soul stone?”

The user puts up a fair argument and we are going to analyze this proposition to its logical conclusion. Perhaps there is another way to acquire the soul stone. Something that does not involve copious amounts of Filicide.


Gamora is alive But Thanos still has the soul stone

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The user suggests that there is a peculiarity in the newest episode of What If…? Not only did Thanos arrive on planet Earth already equipped with all the six stones (including the time stone without any trace of ancient one or Dr. Strange) he also had the soul stone in his possession. Now, fans will remember that the soul stone was acquired by the Mad Titan during the events of Infinity War by sacrificing Gamora. Thanos only had one person he loved in the entire universe, Gamora, so he had to sacrifice her to get the soul stone.


MCU Deleted Scenes

A soul for a soul. But Thanos already had the soul stone in this episode of What If…? This means Gamora should be dead in this timeline too. But we see that she is alive and well and is killed by Infinity Ultron while he eradicates the population of The Sovereign. This is quite the peculiarity. If Gamora is alive then there is no possible way that Thanos could have acquired the soul stone so easily. Who would he have sacrificed? Could he have done something like that to accomplish his ideals?


Avengers: Endgame Theory Nebula Gamora

Was Nebula the one to make the sacrifice in this universe? We have so many questions…. and not a lot of possible answers to the same. As things stand we wonder if Infinity Gauntlet-powered Thanos could have won against Vision Ultron. He should be able to? Right? But far beyond us to question the omnipotent power of marvel studios’ writers. We just wonder if the inclusion of Gamora was an oversight in the plot rather than a subversion to something else. it is possible that the Thanos Gamora we see in the team-up sequence of What If…? trailer is the same one seen in the episode.


Thanora and the Titan

Avengers: Endgame Thanos Soul Stone

Gamora is alive but Thanos still has the soul stone. So it is possible that the Gamora we see in the episode of What If…? Is not the same one as seen in the sacred timeline. This version of Gamora might be completely different in her motivations. But it is more likely that this Gamora never had an interaction with Thanos. The Mad Titan may have skipped over her world or destroyed some other child’s life but this plot hole changes the canon of the universe in more ways than one.

Avengers: Endgame Thanos Soul Stone

What do you think of our theory and analysis? Does it make sense? Or is it just too far-fetched? Maybe it is too complicated? Does it seem rather vague? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood. Excelsior!!

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