Here’s How A Single Change Would’ve Enhanced The Final Battle of Venom 2

Venom: Let There Be Carnage is definitely amongst the most enjoyable Marvel projects of this year. The movie featured one of the strongest enemies that Venom has ever come across in the comics world. This gave us one of the most exciting fights in the movie as both of them face-off and this was further elevated by the performance between Venom and Carnage. But there are elements that the movie did not pay attention to and that led to the rather divisive reviews of the project. This could have made the project more exciting and given it a bit more enjoyable factor than what we got with the final product. Here’s a single change that would’ve made the Final battle of Venom 2 a bit better.

Venom: Let There Be Carnage

Venom 2 followed up on the narrative that 2018’s Venom where we had gotten to see Cletus Kasady. The movie actually featured one of the biggest narratives from the Venom comics as we got to witness the two characters face-off. Carnage’s first appearance in the comics played an essential role in ensuring Venom’s character as an antihero. The movie was able to bring this narrative to the big screen in a rather successful manner. We even got to see some more of the relationship dynamics between Eddie and Venom that gave the movie a lot of comedic touches. But it seems that there is a chance that this movie could have worked out a lot more than it has.


Final Battle of Venom 2

The movie also featured another villain in the form of Shriek played by Naomie Harris. But this was villain was massively sidelined by the fact that the priority was given to the fight between the two major characters. Kasady was able to acquire the symbiote by consuming a bit of blood from Eddie. After freeing himself from prison, Kasady goes to free his lover Frances Barrison and they decide to team up in order to fulfill their own plans. They decide to abduct Anne Weying in order to set the stage for “a red wedding” as a part of their twisted plans. Anne, played by Michelle Williams, plays a key role in reuniting both Venom and Eddie after the two go through a sort of break-up.


The One Thing The Movie Missed

Final Battle of Venom 2

There was a clear mention of the idea that Venom was scared of the chances of defeating Carnage even though they do end up doing so to the end. It was rather expected considering the Carnage was portrayed as rather powerful and dangerous in comparison to Venom. Shriek on the other hand was taken away from this narrative and had her own narrative to work out on killing Detective Patrick Mulligan, played by Stephen Graham. Clearly, this is played by the plot of the fact that the movie featured a story between the two. But since the movie already shows us a return of She-Venom, there could have been a major chance of showing a fight between Venom and Carnage.


This could have been a rather cool move and reduced the idea of Anne Weying being more than the idea of a damsel in distress. If there would have been a face-off between the two characters then would have actually enjoyed the third act of the movie a lot more. As a result, Anne would have been able to protect Venom from the attacks of Shriek, as he fought with Carnage. The idea of Anne playing the key role, in the end, sounds more exciting than Dan, played by Reid Scott, having the heroic moment.


The movie placed every piece of the puzzle for this narrative. We knew that the Venom could have offspring if some piece of him was mistaken away. There could have been some injury that could have given way to this means of reproduction. And further, this could have also helped in Michelle Williams getting her own spin-off persona because it is clearly something she mentions in Venom. This was definitely a major plot point that the movie didn’t pay attention to.

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