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4 Theories For Why The Wayne Manor Looks Deserted In The Flash

In a major turn of events, we recently received a major look inside the plans for The Flash as the project is still under production. We got a sneak peek into the project during the DC FanDome event and it was probably one of the major highlights of the event. There was quite an interesting amount of mystery regarding any plot details based on the movie as it might be one of the most ambitious projects in the DCEU. Even though we shouldn’t actually be trusting any of the details that we got to see considering the project is still under production and there could be massive changes from these details. The sneak peek for The Flash has definitely left us wondering why the Wayne Manor looks deserted (and the Batcave as well). There are many theories surrounding this circumstance.

The Flash

We got to receive a trailer for The Flash during the DC FanDome event. The movie is supposed to be based on the acclaimed Flashpoint graphic novel, which has been under preparation for quite a long time. This DCEU film will also feature both Ben Affleck’s and Michael Keaton’s Batman and both the stars will reprise their roles. In the original comics, Barry Allen actually ends up creating a nearly apocalyptic timeline just for the sake of stopping the death of his mother.


Why the Wayne Manor looks deserted?

This leads to some of the most brutal moments in the history of DC comics, which also included the death of Bruce Wayne and the mantle of Batman was taken over by his father Thomas Wayne. The very dark storyline of the comics might actually also be an essential part of the movie. Let’s take a look at some of the theories that can be used to explain the reason behind the Wayne Properties’s looking abandoned.


Theory 1: Batman Is Dead

This has to be one of the most obvious theories regarding the movie considering the sneak peek even showed us a moment that also indicated this very possibility. That is actually a very clear indication of why the Wayne Manor and Batcave were in a deserted nature. We are aware that Michael Keaton’s Batman from the movie will continue with the narrative of being in continuation of his appearance in Batman and Batman Returns. This clearly means that his Batman will be from a completely alternate universe to the DCEU that we have associated with entirely. The Wayne Manor seen in the trailer might actually belong to Ben Affleck’s Batman. His death might be the consequence of the Scarlet Speedster’s disastrous time travel. This death could play a significant role in Barry’s motivation considering Batman was quite a mentor to him.


Theory 2: Batman Is Retired

Another interesting theory could be that Batman has retired from his persona as Batman and that’s why both the Manor and Cave look deserted. We got to see such a moment from the opening of Batman: Dark Knight Rises considering Bruce Wayne had retired and it clearly had an effect on everything around him. This would be rather interesting considering this would mean that the Wayne property that we got to see might belong to Michael Keaton’s Bruce Wayne. Michael Keaton’s Batman is older and it is more likely that his Bruce Wayne simply gave up on Batman and that he retreated to his ancestral family home. This could have further led to his estate’s decline into ruin.


Theory 3: Batman Has Gone Into Hiding

Why the Wayne Manor looks deserted?

Considering Bruce Wayne is the person behind Batman we can clearly see him going into hiding beyond his residence in The Flash. This explanation could apply to both the version of Batman, Keaton’s and Affleck’s. The trailer shows us Barry Allen coming across Keaton’s Batman in the Batcave that could clearly mean that he was using that place for hiding. But at the same time, we didn’t even get to see a single shot of Ben Affleck’s Batman which also hints at his own disappearance. Barry Allen has been to the Batcave before and that would clearly explain him going inside in order to look for the caped crusader. But this raises the question of what event might have caused Batman to go into hiding.


Theory 4: Batman Has Gone Missing

Last but not least, there’s a massive possibility that Batman has simply disappeared. This could be a consequence of Barry Allen saving his mother’s life and returning her to his original timeline. We are aware that certain changes in the timeline could cause a massive change in the future and this massive change here could be the vanishing of Batman. Another possibility could be that Batman’s disappearance could be a move made by Eobard Thawne so that he could ensure lesser hurdles to his plans of ruining the original timeline. This would make the movie even closer to comics.

Which of these theories answer the question of why the Wayne Manor looks deserted for you guys? Let us know in the comments.

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