Why Captain Marvel Is Not Worthy Of Wielding Mjolnir

The Disney Plus What If…? series is giving us serious glances at what we might expect from the characters if put in different circumstances. This has allowed us to explore completely different dimensions of the characters we have explored so far in the MCU. We have so far explored tales that involve both drastic fates for our heroes while at the same time others that could have actually worked out in a better future for the MCU. So far we are aware that there are consequences wherein even though the overall theme of the universe may be positive there is an impending doom hinted at right around the end. The latest episode, the party Thor episode, gave us a much different storyline, something even the fans couldn’t have expected. Even though the episode explored a theme that was very different from other Marvel movies it did give us hints at essential details. Let’s take a look at why Captain Marvel is not worthy of wielding the Mjolnir

What If…? Episode 7

Episode 7 of What If…? deals with the story of what might happen if Thor didn’t get to grow up with Loki as a sibling. The episode is quite fun as we get to witness a fun version of Thor that is something we might have seen hints of in the MCU movies. Thor behaves like a spoilt kid throughout the episode and luckily doesn’t ensue any major chaos or havoc. This was enjoyable as everyone who appeared in the episode had a rather good mood.


The episode also had appearances from some of the other characters in MCU who had tiny appearances before this. Even Loki, whose absence was the particular reason for the differences the episode had with the MCU, makes an appearance. But amongst these appearances, Captain Marvel also plays a major role as she is brought in to stop Thor from continuing with his chaotic parties. We get to see the both of them fight off against each other. The fight doesn’t actually have any major consequences but it does give us one major clue regarding MCU itself.



Why Captain Marvel Is Not Worthy?

The worthiness of wielding the Mjolnir has always been a major part of the MCU movies and it is a major part of the franchise. There was a particular scene in Avengers: Age Of Ultron where we got to see the Avenger have an attempt at picking the hammer up. Captain America was the only one able to make it move a bit and that even had Thor wonder for a second. Later in the movie Vision does end up picking the hammer. In Avengers: Endgame, we got to see Captain America wield the hammer properly during the battle with Thanos. These are the only two characters who appeared to be able to wield the Mjolnir.


Even though What If…? explores events of alternate universes in the MCU the rules regarding certain things must remain the same unless hinted at otherwise. Hence, the ability to wield Thor’s hammer and the rules behind must be remaining the same. But in this particular universe, Thor never had his brother to challenge him and there is hardly a possibility that he was banished to Earth. There is some confusion regarding whether or not the enchantment about the worthiness to wield the hammer was put on the Mjolnir or not.


Why Captain Marvel Is Not Worthy?

The most essential detail in the episode was the fact that Captain Marvel was incapable of wielding the hammer. There is even a particular scene where we get to see Thor pin on the ground using the Mjolnir. This was a callback to the time Thor pinned down Loki in the first Thor film. Captain Marvel is a rather powerful character in the MCU and she is considered to have stronger powers compared to the other heroes in the MCU. This scene clearly indicated that Captain Marvel is still unable to wield the hammer.


Why Captain Marvel Is Not Worthy?

All this hints at the possibility that Carol Danvers is unworthy of wielding the hammer in the MCU timeline. It indicates the idea that the ability to wield the hammer is being kept for major characters who previously proved their worthiness and others who might later end up wielding it (Jane Foster!!). The idea of Captain Marvel wielding the hammer might actually defeat the purpose the hammer serves as an important weapon in the MCU.

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