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All Batman Actors Appearing In Current and Upcoming DC Projects

Warner Bros. and DC have announced several upcoming projects featuring multiple actors as the Vigilante in a cape. The projects include DCEU movies, podcasts, and TV shows and there are a lot of them. And the fact that every single of these projects features a different actor is rather interesting. Batman made his first screen debut in 1943’s Columbia serial Batman. Lewis G. Wilson brought the comic book character to life. A radio serial, The Adventures Of Superman (1945) marked the audio debut of the Caped Crusader. Since then, many actors have reprised this role in live-action, animated projects, and even in video games. And now we’re going to look at all Batman actors who will be active in the current times.

All these actors bring a unique touch to the character with their performance. And over the years, fans have loved different versions of Batman. And now that many projects are under production, we have a list of all the actors who will honor all the actors who played Batman before them. Please note that we have only included those actors who are confirmed by DC Entertainment.


Robert Pattinson established himself in the Show Biz with his portrayal of Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter and The Goblet Of Fire. However, after his role of the Vampire Edward Cullen in the Twilight Saga, he lost his edge. But after the last few years, he has proved that he won’t be defined by a single role in his career. And playing Batman will be the next big thing in his career. Unlike the previous version of DCEU’s Batman, this movie will feature Batman’s younger version. The movie will show Bruce Wayne in his second year as a vigilante. It will probably be the first installment of DCEU’s Batman trilogy.



DC has released its latest HBO Max podcast featuring Batman and characters associated with the superhero. The podcast will be a comedic take on Batman’s adventures, featuring an ensemble cast from SNL. The Dark Knight will be voiced by Jeffrey Wright, a critically acclaimed actor, with many accolades under his belt. He has recently entered the comic book world. Wright has given the voice of the Watcher in Marvel’s animated series, What If…?. He will also be seen as Commissioner Gordon in Pattinson’s The Batman, making him the only actor to play both atman and Gordon.



Ben Affleck is the most recent actor to get his hands on the iconic role of Batman. He first appeared in this role in 2016’s Batman v Superman: Dawn Of Justice. Since then, he has cameo-ed in Suicide Squad and played a lead role in Justice League. Even though his casting was not well-received, he won over fans’ hearts with his performance. However, he stepped back from this role due to his health problems, but after a short break, he will reprise this role in DCEU’s The Flash, starring Ezra Miller. The character of Flash has a lot to explore that the Justice League movies have not done so far. The 2022 movie will see the character working on the loss in his past and how he taps the Flashtime.



All Batman Actors

Batman is a recurring name from the first season. However, he didn’t receive a single scene until season 2 until Grayson finally meets older Bruce Wayne, portrayed by Iain Glen. And now the season 3 will see Glen reprise the role once again, but for a very short time. This season will see the retirement of the Dark Knight and how his legacy is carried on Grayson. It’s unclear whether this implies that Thwaites will be donning the cowl himself, but it’s doubtful given that the program has so far concentrated on the ex-Robin coming out from under his mentor’s shadow, and he’s only recently claimed the title of Nightwing.



DC Comics are extending their deal with Spotify as they release a podcast centered on Batman. Winston Duke, known for his role as M’Baku in the MCU, will be voicing the Caped Crusader on this podcast. The podcast will come with a twist, as Bruce Wayne will no longer be a billionaire playboy. Instead, the audiobook will feature Bruce Wayne as a forensic pathologist in Gotham Hospital who faces off against a serial killer called The Harvester.



Injustice is an upcoming animated film based on the characters from DC Comics. The movie will be based on the 2013 video game Injustice: Gods Among Us and the comic book series Injustice: Gods Among Us: Year One. The movie will see the aftermath of Lois’ death as Superman takes over the whole planet. The Joker orchestrated the death of Lois Lane and it is now upon Batman and his allies to deliver the Joker to Superman and stop him from doing further destruction. The voice of Batman will be given by Anson Mount and not Kevin Conroy, who gave the voice in Batman: The Animated Series. Mount has recently starred as Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Discovery and also appeared in Marvel’s short-lived, non-MCU comic adaptation Inhumans as Black Bolt.



All Batman Actors

Another animated Batman project is coming up, featuring the sentient vehicles employed by the Dark Knight. The show will be aired on Cartoon Network and HBO Max. The show will be a type of crossover between the Batman universe and Pixar’s Cars franchise, where Batman’s Batmobile helps him solve crimes. Ethan Hawke will be voicing the Caped Crusader. Hawke has starred in many movies, namely Training DaySinisterBefore Sunrise, and dozens of other movies and shows. Duke Thomas will take up the mantle of Robin. He is the first Black character to be Robin and will be voiced by Al Hudson. Interesting to note, Disney+’s Moon Knight will feature Hawke as a villain in mainstream MCU.



Keaton has played the iconic role of Batman in 1989’s Batman. Since then, he has been one of a few actors whose performance as Batman was well-received by the audience. It came as a shock to most of the DCEU fans when Warner Bros. announced the cast. The movie will see The Flash traveling in the past to save his mother and this creates a rupture in the timeline, called the Flashpoint. This results in an altered timeline where Batman is much older and will make the events of Batman Returns and Batman & Robin DCEU canon. Keaton will be seen reprising his role as Adrian Toomes aka Vulture in Sony’s Morbius.

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