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20 What If Zombies Memes For You To Enjoy

After watching episode 5 of What If…? we have no doubt that Marvel has a complete handle on the future of the MCU. Starting from the first scene of the episode up until the end we were at the edge of our seats. No matter how much hope we were given we knew that after the Zombie Apocalypse the Infinity War loomed over our heads. Here are some of the funniest What If Zombies Memes that will make you laugh out loud:

1. LOL!


2. That’s Right!!

3. Oops!


4. Correct!!

5. That’s Fine!!

6. Done!!

7. Woah!!


8. And That’s Enough!

9. Loved This!!


10. Nom Nom!

11. Better!!


12. More Snacks!!

13. OMG!!


14. Very Inappropriate!!

15. Crazy!!


16. Finally!!

17. It Was Rocket Raccoon All Along!


18. Oh Dear!!

19. Exactly!!

20. Dead On The Spot!!

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