Why The TVA Will Not Appear In What If on Disney+

Disney+ is going to load itself with Marvel content and the fans love it. With three series already on the streamer, Marvel’s next addition, titled What If…? is just around the corner. Till now, fans haven’t got enough of Loki and are already waiting for the second season. Revising the events of the first season, Loki gave us the Time Variance Authority that was responsible for taking care of the Sacred Timeline. As revealed, He Who Remains was the one behind it all. However, Sylvie killed him and unleashed the multiverse. And What If…? is destined to focus the events of Infinity Saga in a different manner. But since Loki is a Phase 4 series taking place after the Infinity Saga, the TVA will not appear in What If. The writer of the animated series explains why that is the case.

Why The TVA Will Not Appear In What If

Loki explained that the TVA is a place that does not function by the usual rules of time. The organization is responsible for pruning branching timelines and taking care of the variants that might be a danger to the Sacred Timeline. So considering What If…?’s nature, one might wonder why the TVA hasn’t been hinted at yet. That’s because the TVA is not present in the show. Its absence is explained by What If…?’s head writer.

TVA Will Not Appear In What If

A.C Bradley said during his interview with iO9:

“We were already deep in development and writing the show by the time Loki got up and running. So we had a meeting and talked about what we wanted to do with the multiverse—kind of as an aside—because Doctor Strange 2 was still in the very early stages. Basically, I was like, OK, ‘I’m just going to go and show all the fun we can have in the multiverse. I’m going to show all the things that can happen and the places we can go, I’m not going to lay down any serious rules, I’m not going to touch anything to do with the TVA.”

It looks like the TVA could have played a role in the series. But according to Bradley, they were in too deep before they even knew about Loki. If it was otherwise, then we might have seen Mobius, Renslayer, Time-Keepers, Hunter B-15, and others in action as well! But then the premise of the show would have been too different considering that the TVA would be disrupting every timeline, simply because it’s their job. Bradley explains that he went all out with the multiverse and the things they can do with it. So most of the world-building was left to Loki.

The TVA is not in the greatest of positions right now. So they might not show up in the second season of What If…? either.


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