What If…? Once Again Proves That Tony Was Wrong About Steve

Disney+’s What If…? has been making rounds on the internet for almost a week. It showed a different Universe where Peggy took the Super Solider serum while Steve operated the Hydra stomper armor. The episode once again proved that Tony was wrong about Steve. By proving to be worthy, Cap already showed Tony that he was always special. Everything special about him didn’t just come from a bottle and What If…? has stated that one more time.


What If…?‘s first episode premiered on August 11 with a question, ‘What If… Captain Carter Were The First Avenger?’ It explained that how a change in one’s decision can completely change history as we know it. We knew Steve Rogers’ Captain America was the first Avenger. But the series’ first episode followed the events after Agent Carter received the super-soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers. Contrary to what many believed, this change couldn’t keep Rogers out of the war. Apparently, due to the early confiscation of the Tesseract by Captain Carter, Howard stark was able to power an armored suit called The Hydra Stomper. And Steve Rogers piloted this suit to the war along with Captain Carter to destroy Hydra’s bases, much like the source movie.


The true MCU fans saw this turn of events as a direct callback to the first Avengers movie. The movie brought together six people with different abilities from different walks of life for a common goal. Unsurprisingly, Tony and Steve’s friendship didn’t start on the right foot. Being two generations apart, their views varied on a lot of topics. Their arguments in the early parts of the film were evident of their difference as two completely distinct people. In one such argument, Stark cleverly pointed out that everything special about the famous Captain America came out of a bottle(of the super-soldier serum).

Fans had been arguing the aptness of this statement for almost a decade now. But after the premiere of the first episode of What If…?, Tony Stark’s sassy comment has been proved wrong. Once Captain Carter got the Tesseract from the Nazis, Howard Stark assembled a vintage-looking suit that used the Space Stone as a power source. The army nicknamed the suit, Hydra Stomper. The Hydra Stomper and Captain Carter made an unstoppable force as they destroyed a large number of Hydra’s bases.


Tony Was Wrong About Steve

Captain America: The First Avenger showed Steve Rogers as a skinny little man with a life-long wish to be enlisted in the U.S. Army. His father served the country in the 107th infantry Regiment and died in World War I. But due to a long list of his medical conditions, he was deemed unfit for the army. But Dr. Erskine didn’t care about his history, he just wanted a soldier who was good by heart. So he chose Steve Rogers as the subject for his first experiment and we all know the rest. But what if Steve Rogers didn’t receive the serum. Would he still have served in the army? These questions had remained answerless for almost a decade until now.

What If…? proved that Rogers’ patriotism didn’t have any limits. He didn’t grieve about the loss of a major opportunity. Moreover, he fully supported Peggy in her transformation. He proved his worth time after time. And charged into the war the first chance he got. He became the hero he was destined to be even when all the odds were against him. What If…? didn’t only explain Rogers’ perspective, but Stark’s too. When Steve tells Peggy that he is just a man in a special suit, Peggy corrects him and explains that the man inside the suit matters more than the suit itself. Thereby, explaining Steve’s counter-argument in 2012’s The Avengers.


Tony Was Wrong About Steve

Armoured Suit or not, we knew that Steve Rogers was not at all reluctant to charge into battle. What If…? proved that he wouldn’t have thought two times before fighting to protect his country. His respect towards his allies remained the same in both the timelines and that’s something that people in the second timeline will remember forever. He might not have been the First Avenger, but he surely became a war hero.

Steve Rogers’ arc completed in Avengers: Endgame. He started as a skinny kid from Brooklyn, served and won in World War II, remained buried in the ice for 70 years, ended up as the captain of a whole team of superheroes. So anyone who judged Captain America on the fact that he received his powers from a serum can stop it because he will find any way to serve his country.

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