The Viewership of The Suicide Squad on HBO Max is Massive

With the early hints of reports showing that the present vaccines might not be able to stop the new Delta virus, people are taking the safe side by sticking to entertaining themselves at home. As the number of the affected populations rises globally, it would be a better option to stick to the rule of staying at home. Sadly, The Suicide Squad’s Box Office numbers aren’t good to begin with. But the viewership of The Suicide Squad is quite massive on HBO Max.

While mostly everyone is calling it the best DCEU film in the last decade, The Suicide Squad 2021 seems to be suffering from the same problem. With estimates aiming for $15 million for the very first Friday, the James Gunn helmed DC epic opened domestically with $12.2 million, which does not sound good for a movie of its kind. With the very initial of the numbers being lower than the lowest estimations, it has bombed at the box office. According to the sources at Deadline, The Suicide Squad has grossed approximately $26.2 million in the very first 3 days of its release. This is actually $3.5 million shorter than the estimated value. 

As for the international numbers, the film brought in an additional $45.2 million abroad. It currently stands at $71.4 million worldwide after its first weekend. The first Suicide Squad may have been a critical failure, but it was massive at the box office. Its domestic opening numbers were $133 million, and it ended with $746 million worldwide. The Suicide Squad‘s opening has been the lowest in the entirety of the DCEU. It does come as a major shock that the Harley Quinn spinoff Birds of Prey fared way better than this coming out only a few months before the worldwide pandemic struck. 

Viewership of The Suicide Squad on HBO Max

According to data tracker Samba, the film was watched by 2.8 million households over its debut weekend. The data does not account for the number of individuals who have watched it but it accounts for the number of households that have accessed it using HBO Max. According to sources, even if every one of these individuals had paid $10 to see it in the theatres, the weekend gross would have reached $54.5 million. But that didn’t happen. 

One of the major DCEU movies, Justice League: The Snyder Cut was a smash hit on HBO Max with 3.7 million households in the 39 days. It was such a big success that Warner Bros. hid the numbers for the fans. The fans kept speculating how it did and that actually helped in increasing the numbers furthermore. Another such release, Wonder Woman 1984 saw a good response from the audience. It saw 14.9 million complete plays of the 151-minute movie from the audience.

The numbers for The Suicide Squad are well ahead of any other DC property, even Justice League: The Snyder Cut. The latter held a count of 1.8 million households over the first four days post its release. Even then The Suicide Squad doesn’t hold the highest number for the streaming service as the R-rated New Line Mortal Kombat holds that position. The game-to-film adaptation drew 3.8 million U.S. households. The James Gunn DCEU project lags behind by 26% from this figure.

Similarly, MCU movies and shows have also experienced a good amount of viewing numbers over their releases on the online platform Disney+. Samba TV provided an update on the numbers for Black Widow. It had about 2 million viewership in the as 1.1 million US households bought Black Widow in its first weekend. At the same time, Black Widow opened to the tune of $215 Million worldwide ($60 million premier Access), which was far above its estimates. Similarly, Space Jam: A New Legacy found a very strong footing at the box office. 

Samba TV is responsible for gathering the viewership data from the 3 million households via its proprietary content recognition tech on Smart Television sets. The use partnership with the leading cable television providers and their affiliates. Samba TV’s study is extensively utilized to get a detailed study about the real-time viewership data across broadcast, cable, and digital media. It is said that Samba TV remains one of the best means of getting viewership data, even if it’s not 100% complete, since most of the streamers prefer not to share their viewership data.

Whatever the numbers might be showing one can clearly see that The Suicide Squad is a critical darling. With its burst of colorful characters on screen. The upcoming spinoff Peacemaker will pursue the arch of the titular character. James Gunn has become a strong chance for DCEU to redeem itself with the critics. With producers already in talks to bring him back to helm more such projects, there’s a chance that his next project will get the box office success it rightfully deserves.

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