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New Suicide Squad Deleted Scene Shows Harley Quinn Kissing Deadshot

The Suicide Squad is garnering praise all over the world for its relatable characters and masterful direction. But it does not hurt to remember where you come from. Before the explosive 2021 version, there was the original Suicide Squad in the DCEU. This was one of those projects there are overhyped by the fanbase, we shot ourselves in the foot with this one. Owing to the fandom’s obsession with Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn, an entire movie was based around the character. She was even supposed to have her own little romance arc (anything would have been better than the Joker in that movie if you ask me). Anyhow, Margot Robbie was going to be paired up with Will Smith’s Deadshot. How do we know this? Well, a new Suicide Squad deleted scene shows Harley Quinn kissing Deadshot.

Ever since we received a Snyder Cut for Justice League, fans have been begging for an Ayer Cut for Suicide Squad. But one wonders, what exactly will be different in this iteration of the movie, even if one exists. Some Twitter users want nothing more, than fining the answer to that perplexing question. The community is very excited after the release of the 2021 version of Task Force X. After seeing the potential of the team they want their original iteration back, now more than ever. It is, as of yet, unlikely that something like this would happen but one cannot help but sympathize with the fans. Especially when tweets like the one below keep surfacing. Yes, they do bring to light new information but they also stir us up.

Harley Quinn Kissing Deadshot

Twitter user @RTAyerCutSS posted a tweet where we see Harley Quinn kissing Deadshot:

David Ayer had revealed this bit back in March 2020. In his tweet, he wrote:

“Diablo survived originally, Harley and Deadshot hooked up as a couple. This was changed during reshoots.”


Harley Quinn kissing Deadshot

The pairing up of Deadshot and Harley Quinn may seem peculiar to the average moviegoer. But comic fans are well aware of this romance. In fact, before the movie came out many people speculated that WB might choose to bring this story to the big screen. One can only wonder why they decided to cut the kiss. If we look at the image more closely we can discern some elements of it. We may also be able to discern how impactful the kiss was. For instance, it looks like the scene is set in the morning which can only mean that the battle with the enchantress has already concluded. Moreover, taking into account Harley’s obsession with Joker she could have only been able to do this after the Helicopter crashed.

So this means that if this scene were not cut it would have been somewhere near the finale of the movie. This makes a lot of sense since the whole romance between the two had been building up throughout the movie, to have it culminate in such a beautiful way during act 3 is a classic example of wish fulfillment and fanservice. Don’t get us wrong, we live the couple but the fanservice is fanservice. Fans should also note that the pairing is not new, even for movies. During DC’s Animated Movie Assault on Arkham similar events transpire. The Suicide Squad in that movie also contains Harley and Deadshot, only these versions admit their infatuation and indulge in more baroque activities than just a kiss.

Ayer Cut?

Suicide Squad deleted scene

I will admit it hurts to know that the studio decided to cut this storyline. In hindsight, when I look at Suicide Squad I get a distinct feeling that the movie was not lacking action or production value. Rather, it was lacking in emotion and relatable characters. They tried to make the characters too picturesque and it made them absurd. Human beings, even Supervillains are not supposed to have rigid personalities. They are rather supposed to be a complex mess of things. These people are not Stoics, like the philosophers of old, they don’t have the mental fortitude to deal with situations that might end in the destruction of the planets.

Suicide Squad Deleted Scene

They are supposed to break down, grief, and quibble but they must do it with mistrust and anger. Also, when they love, they must do it in a way that feels relatable to the viewer. The old version of Taskforce X failed miserably at this, but the new version did quite well. We don’t know whether we will ever get a chance to watch the Ayer Cut but we sure hope we do. One cannot let go of dreams.

Do you think all this made sense, given the image and the tweet? Or do you think it was better than the storyline was cut? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel, DC, and Hollywood.

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