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MCU Theory: The Secret Origin Of Spider-Man Involved The Super Serum

The Marvel Cinematic Universe welcomed Spider-Man home during the events of Captain America: Civil War. After a long hiatus with Sony, the web crawler came to the MCU. The Deal involving the trade of the character back to marvel required a lot of diplomacy and tact on the part of Marvel Studios. The entire thing was kept well under wraps until the first trailer for civil war came out. Now Spider-Man has received two movies in the MCU but the character origins still remain a mystery. I mean, we do know the character origins but the fact that they skipped over them in the MCU is suspicious. So here’s a theory about the secret origin of Spider-Man in the MCU.

If we look at character origins, Spider-Man has a very standard setup. His uncle was killed while he was being selfish, so now he fights crime out of regret and a sense of Justice. The character of Spider-Man is not exactly conflicted. He is just a child trying to find his way in the superhero world. That is, at least, at the start of the story. Later versions of Spider-Man do some amazing things in the comics.

Reddit user u/MagicJoshByGosh recently posted this in r/MarvelTheories suggesting a very different origin for the classic character. The origin is based on the events of Marvel’s Ultimate universe. Take a look:

“In the Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker was bitten by a spider that had been experimented on and infused with the Oz Formula, which was an attempt at recreating the SSS by none other than Norman Osborn.”

The Theory

Secret Origin Of Spider-Man

Marvel’s Ultimate Universe is a very strange place. The normal characters have developed into different versions of themselves, in a generic multiverse style. They have also taken up different roles. But the real interesting part is how many of the heroes are ties to the Super Soldier Serum Formula. Take Ultimate Spider-Man for example, Peter Parker was given his power when a spider bit him. But in the ultimate universe, this spider was experimented upon with the OZ formula. The Oz Formula was created by Norman Osborne to replicate the Super Soldier Serum.

Although the experiment never succeeded, it did help in the creation of Spider-Man. But why is this relevant to the current discussion? you ask. I’ll tell you, my dear friend. You see, Marvel has been very silent about the origins of Spider-Man in the MCU canon. The entire thing, including Ben’s death, was reduced to a video clip on Iron Man’s IPad. Although, we do enjoy a classic character and no rehashing of stories, we can’t help but wonder what is Marvel hiding. We think that the Ulitmate universe storyline will be inculcated into the MCU.

Secret Origin Of Spider-Man

It is likely that Marvel plans to explore the origin of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man soon and that they will go one of these routes. They can retrospectively introduce Norman Osborne into the Universe. It might be easier to have him experiment on Peter directly. This will make for a very interesting origin story and help us explore the dynamic of old friends.

The Analysis

Marvel Villains

For those of you who don’t remember, Norman Osborne is the father of Peter’s best friend Harry. He is also the villain known as Green Goblin. Norman often goes crazy one way or the other during his comic arc and ends up in the rogue’s gallery. The Goblin is not an easy foe to fight for any hero. He gets much harder when the person who has to fight him was raised by him.

Norman Osborne was a parental figure for Peter Parker, his betrayal in the comics is one of the hardest things Peter had to fight. The first Tobey Maguire movie delved into this in quite some depth. Now imagine if the MCU were to recreate that tension but take it one step further with this theory. They could have Norman capture a young Peter Parker and experiment with the Oz Formula on him. Harry could also be involved somehow.


Maybe the children find the formula while playing in a lab and one ends up a hero while the other turns into the Green Goblin. It’s an interesting thought but only the writers know what works on screen. What do you think about this theory? Would you like this to be the Secret Origin Of Spider-Man? Did we miss an important detail from the comics? Let us know in the comments below and keep watching this space for everything Marvel.

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