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7 Questions From The Suicide Squad That Feel Like Plot Holes

The Suicide Squad was released on 5 August to a massively successful critical response. Fans have gone crazy for the numerous characters that appeared even for mere seconds in the film. It is the second-highest-rated DCEU movie sitting behind Wonder Woman, even though some may agree it is the best DCEU film. This was the Suicide Squad the fans were waiting for, this is The Suicide Squad we deserved. But, there are a few questions from The Suicide Squad that kinda feel like head-scratching plot holes.

The film featured a lot of colorful characters, references, and nods to what’s coming next in the DCEU. People are re-watching multiple times just to find out hidden details considering James Gunn is a master at referencing comic books. Also putting in Easter eggs that have taken a long time to be discovered in his previous works in the MCU i.e. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 and Vol. 2

Even though The Suicide Squad takes a more comic book-based approach in showcasing the world of all the characters in the film including the ones that only appeared to be killed in the opening minutes. There still remain some unanswered questions that the fans must be wondering. How is Superman recovering from the Kryptonite Bullet from Bloodsport? Let’s take a look at some of these along with some possible explanations:

Questions From The Suicide Squad

Is King Shark reading William James?

Everyone including both Bloodsport and Peacemaker was equally surprised to discover a Shark humanoid reading a book. Of all the books King Shark had a William James book in his hand. The comic books had once shown him reading Rumi. But here we saw him holding an upside-down William James’ “The Varieties of Religious Experience”. The book written by the brother of Henry James explores how an individual has a psychological impact on his/her persona based on their religious experiences. Rest assured, Nanaue didn’t probably get through any of it.

How do they implant the bombs in the characters?

Questions From The Suicide Squad

It is clear that some of the characters are much more human compared to the others but there were a few of these characters who had certain superhuman features. One must question how Amanda Waller got the bombs implanted on them. Specifically King Shark and Mongal, considering how the bullets hardly make any impact on King Shark’s skin. But then King Shark could have been an easy target by just making him consume any such bomb with his chum. 

How did Blackguard establish communication with the Corto Maltese?

Even though it ends up being a massive miscommunication. He ends up taking a bullet to the head, Blackguard does end up claiming that he had communicated with the Corto Maltese army. It was his means of escape. One must wonder how it was possible for him to communicate with them. He was in a high-security prison specifically designed for villains like him. A possible explanation is given in the next question.

Did Waller intentionally sacrifice Team 1?

The opening minutes were supposed to be a show-not tell of what defines the idea of a Suicide Squad. Hence the team led by Rick Flagg fails. Most of them end up facing death and then we are told that they were just supposed to be a distraction. But then Blackguard had already contacted the Corto Maltese which was something Rick Flagg was not aware of. Making us wonder if Amanda Waller was actually in control of the entire thing. But there’s a possibility that Amanda Waller made sure that Blackguard communicated with them. Hence utilized that as she means to get in, after all, Amanda Waller is smart enough to manage a team of multiple such supervillains.

Is Bloodsport overrated?

Questions From The Suicide Squad

Bloodsport is described as an excellent marksman and weapons expert and he even proves it with the Mexican standoff with Peacemaker as his bullet goes through Peacemakers’ and hits him right in the neck. But in the final battle, he fails to hit Starro even once in the eye which later is the reason for his fall considering how massive the target was this time around.

Harley’s deadly glance

Before the invasion of Jotunheim, as the characters are walking through the rain Rick Flagg and Harley share a smile at each other. Minutes later Rick Flagg is killed by Peacemaker. Similarly, Polka Dot Man also shares a similar glance and smile with Harley moments before he is crushed to death by Starro. Even though both of these characters die after doing something heroic, one must question, should we be scared of Harley’s smile.

How is Peacemaker still alive?

The second post-credit scene shows Peacemaker in a comatose state as Amanda Waller’s people are sent to find him. He survives after getting shot and also an entire building collapses on him. It just goes to show how exciting the upcoming Peacemaker series is going to be. Maybe it will also answer some of these questions. 

Did you also have these questions from The Suicide Squad? Let us know.

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