18 Unseen Matrix 4 Set Photos That Would Raise The Hype

Some of the major cinematic events are lined up for the year. Fans are preparing themselves for the first looks and trailers for the end of the year releases. Warner Bros. released the Matrix 4 title and first look in the form of a trailer during CinemaCon. The Matrix has had a massive influence in cinema ever since its release in 1999. The movies were the talk of the town during their releases as people from all across the world awaited them with much anticipation. So as we all are waiting for the trailer check out these unseen Matrix 4 set photos:

1. Carrie-Anne Moss and Neil Patrick Harris


2. Keanu Reeves in Disguise!!

3. Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss


4. Eréndira Ibarra on set

5. Bike Shot!!


6. Carrie-Anne Moss

7. Matrix 4 Shooting!


8. The Stunts!!

9. Taking The Shot!!


10. The Legend!!

11. Wonderful!!


12. Keanu Reeves With His Girlfriend!!

13. Filming!!


14. All Set!!

15. Camera and Action!!


16. Mind-Blowing!!

17. OMG!!


18. Eagerly Waiting for The Movie!!

Did these unseen Matrix 4 Set Photos raise your hype for the film? Let us know!

Matrix 4 arrives on December 22. We’re eagerly waiting for the first trailer to hit the internet. Hopefully, it will arrive this month.

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