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The Powers and Abilities of Martian Manhunter Explained

Zack Snyder’s Justice League was full of crazy surprises. With the 4-hour run time, Snyder didn’t just get to tell his story freely, but he also got time to include some shocking revelations. Among the most surprising scenes were Barry’s time travel, the Knightmare future sequences, and the arrival of Martian Manhunter. Even before Zack Snyder’s Justice League came out, we knew that Harry Lennix’s General Swanwick would be revealed as the Martian Manhunter. But, seeing the revelation in live action was extremely satisfying. Snyder’s VFX team absolutely nailed his design, but sadly we didn’t get to see the full extent of the Powers and Abilities of Martian Manhunter.

He is the last survivor of his race on Mars. We would have liked to see more of him in the DCEU, but Warner Bros. isn’t interested in restoring the SnyderVerse. So, no Martian Manhunter in Justice League 2. In fact, there won’t be a Justice League 2, or a solo HBO Max project for the Martian either. His final outing might only take place in the upcoming final season of Supergirl. But if you’re not familiar, or fond of the CW series, then here are the powers and abilities of Martian Manhunter which will give you a better understanding of what he can do:


As we’ve seen in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and so many other interpretations of the Martian, he has the ability to take any form he sees. In fact, he can even take the form of a powerful dragon. His Martian Physiology can allow him to do all sorts of crazy things. It’s just that using him and his abilities constantly in a film would require a substantial CGI cost. That’s why I think he might have been used only as much as Vision was before WandaVision.


Not only can he just shape shift into another being, but his physiology also allows him to expand his body. He can either extend his arms and hit you like Ms. Marvel, Mr. Fantastic or Elongated Man. Or he can even grow his body in size and take on someone like Big Berta or MCU’s Giant Man.

Super Strength

J’onn’s strength may not be as much as Superman, but he still packs quite a heavy punch.

Telepathy & Mind Control

Martian Manhunter possesses all sorts mental manipulation abilities. He can read people’s minds & control them. He could even show them illusions or different realities.

Invisibility & Phasing

Powers and Abilities of Martian Manhunter

J’onn J’onzz can phase through objects and incoming attacks. He can even become invisible. So, he is extremely great for stealth missions. Most people won’t even see his attacks coming.


Since he can phase and control people’s minds, he can actually use those abilities to get into someone’s body and possess it. He can literally make people bend to his own will.

Telekinesis & Flight

The Martian can lift objects with his mind. In fact, his telekinesis is what he uses to fly.


His regeneration ability is so strong that he could actually grow severed limbs. And, it happens much faster than even Deadpool.


Powers and Abilities of Martian Manhunter

His Martian Vision can prove to be a great asset. He could easily see someone coming in from far away with his Telescopic Vision. He could even spot someone as small as The Atom or Ant-Man with his Microscopic Vision. But most importantly, he also carries heat vision.

Other Abilities

The Martian has a genius-level intellect. He is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and can certainly handle weapons with ease. Another ability that comes in handy is his Multilingualism. With his mind-reading, he is able to learn and speak several languages. The only big weakness that the Green hero from Mars carries is his vulnerability to fire. Otherwise, he can surely hold his own, or even defeat stronger opponents such as Superman or Wonder Woman.

Like Vision in the MCU, DC’s Martian Manhunter is a very underrated hero. Would you like to see more of him in the Snyder Cut sequels? Tell us in the comments.

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