Loki Director Reveals a Big Sylvie Fight Scene That Was Deleted

The Disney+ series Loki has concluded its first season, with the second on its way. The finale gave us a lot to think about and was totally set up throughout the show. Sylvie and Loki finally met He Who Remains. But when Sylvie was first introduced, the animosity surrounding her was great. Everyone wondered who the ‘mysterious hooded figure’ was. And when her identity was revealed, the fans were in love with it. Sylvie has been a great addition to the show, and her story will be continued in Loki‘s season 2. But it seems that episode 2 had a big Sylvie fight scene which has now been revealed by Director Kate Herron.

The Big Sylvie Fight Scene

Sylvie finally debuted in episode 2 and rather dramatically. She had tricked the TVA and was recklessly killing their Minutemen. This went on to prove that this Loki variant was a bit more lethal, and as Mobius said, was a Superior Loki. But it looks like she could have done way more than what we saw. Recently, director Kate Herron sat down with the Phase Zero podcast to speak further on the second episode’s ‘time bomb.’

She said:

“One thing I’d say is always critique. I think it’s kind of fun. I like seeing people’s thoughts and feelings on it. I’m just trying to think now… I don’t think so. I think it was always that she bombed it, and it ended in a big way. What we used to have actually was, so in Elissa’s script… basically, it carried on. So, she went into the TVA, and there was — We called it ‘The Rampage.’ And originally, I think in the script, that was massive. It was like her going through the TVA and taking everyone out.”

Big Sylvie Fight Scene

Sylvie had a longer sequence in Elissa’s script as explained by Herron. The team labeling it ‘Rampage’ can only mean the gigantic amount of damage Sylvie would have done to the TVA. So instead of just going back to the TVA, the sequence went on longer where the Goddess of Mischief showed her prowess.

Speaking of the TVA and the branched timelines, it was always a question if they were taken care of not. Anyhow, after the little TVA sequence, the duo – Loki and Sylvie – wind up at Lamentis-1. Director Kate Herron continued to share her insight regarding the same.

She said:

“I don’t know if we ever saw them clean it up though necessarily and I think it was always something that happened off-screen. It was more just like, the difference we did was we ended it with [Loki] going through the door in Episode 2 which we found in the edit… I think it was always off-screen now that I think about it. Because it was always, you saw her do her rampage kind of through the TVA, and we’re with Loki’s POV, right? And then they end up on Lamentis. So it’s kind of like, the TVA have been doing that while they’ve been on Lamentis.”

Sylvie’s Future In Loki

So it looks like Sophia Di Martino’s character had a lot more action coming her way originally. However, the show is always supposed to center around Loki’s POV and must not steer. And it’s clarified that the timelines were taken care of by the TVA, but off-screen. After this, Herron ended her answer by saying that the fan’s interests were a good thing. hence, there’s might be something to explore in the same.

Big Sylvie Fight Scene

The TVA, with the help of Loki, figured out that this Variant (Sylvie) has been hiding in places where natural calamities are going to take place. After killing the TVA’s Minutemen, she would steal their reset charges, which she later used to bomb the Sacred Timeline. In the finale, Sylvie killed He Who Remains and freed the multiverse. All her frustration is now built up because neither she feels content after getting her revenge, nor she feels happy about her plot against Loki.

Now, it’s a matter of time that Sylvie battles for her mere survival. That’s because it was also revealed that Loki was thrown back to the TVA but in an alternate reality. There, Mobius didn’t recognize him, and the TVA was taken over by a variant of He Who Remains, i.e., Kang the Conqueror. So Sylvie might try her best to resolve this issue in season 2.

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