6 Superpowers That Make Thanos Indestructible

Created by Jim Starlin and Mike Friedrich, super-villain Thanos first appeared in Iron Man #55 in 1973. Being one of the strongest members of Titanian Eternals and Marvel Universe, Thanos incredibly powerful to absorb and project the cosmic energy. He is a skilled matter-manipulator and is an excellent hand-to-hand combatant trained in the art of war on Titan. Why are we talking about this? Because we bring you six powers that you don’t know Thanos possesses.

1. Immortal

5 Superpowers That Make Thanos Indestructible

Same as other Eternals, Thanos is not vulnerable to serious health anomalies, infections, and diseases. Moreover again is just a meaningless word for him. No matter how strongly he is thrashed he can beat the severity of any injury and is unable to die.

2. Super reflexes

Thanos’s reaction timing to any activity is way above the physical limits of the finest human athletes and acrobats. Moreover, his body coordination and agility are almost equal to one of an average Eternal. 

3. Superhuman Intelligence

Thanks have a super-strong intellect that he enhances his superpowers through the mystical enhancement and bionic amplification. The genius has his own concepts of science which far exceeds the earth science. His fight with Champion of the Universe portrays his ability to get ready quickly for war in any situation. He gave him a hard time through energy blasts and fooled him into deteriorating the planet they fought on.

4. Super Strength

His superhuman strength is so strong that he killed millions of people through Infinity Gauntlet and killed almost every superhero individually. Moreover, he destroyed entire planets with the strong energy blows. He had also fought Thor when he possessed Power Gem.

5. Super Speed

Despite his heavy, gigantic and bulky stature, Thanos challenges the reality and can run faster than the human athletes with double strength.

6. Teleportation

With the help of his powerful techno-mystical transport chair, Thanos can teleport himself to different distant locations. After his chair was destroyed in a struggle, Thanos could not able to get himself to rescue when he was stranded with Terraxia in space.

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