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Black Widow Post Credits Scene Sets Up Hawkeye & Dark Avengers

Marvel’s Black Widow is finally telling Natasha Romanoff’s story, and we’re loving it. For a decade we have seen Natasha in action, but have known nothing about her. We finally got to see the room of all her tortures, and the man behind it – General Dreykov. Moreover, the movie concluded with Natasha having two families and not just one. We got to see two recurring characters, such as General Ross and Valentina. The latter was first introduced in The Falcon and The Winter Soldier. Right off the bat, it was clear that she will have a solid future in the MCU. Plus, the Black Widow post credits scene sets up Hawkeye and Dark Avengers.

Black Widow Post Credits Scene Sets Up Hawkeye & Dark Avengers

Black Widow finally gave the memorial to Natasha that she never got in Avengers: Endgame. As we all remember, Natasha sacrificed herself on Vormir in order to retrieve the Soul Stone. Even though Tony got a memorial service, Natasha didn’t. But that was changed in Black Widow. honors her sister, whistling for Natasha, in the same way, they would do when she was alive. This establishes that Yelena will in fact carry on her legacy and keep her sister’s name alive.

Black Widow Post Credits Scene

But as Yelena is mourning the death of her sister, she is visited by a rather surprising character – Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Ever since her debut in the abovementioned Disney+ series, fans have been waiting for her character to pan out properly in the MCU. Now, Black Widow has just established that. Her cameo in the post-credits scene set up the Dark Avengers and Thunderbolts.

Considering that Yelena will go on to be the Black Widow, the MCU is seemingly building towards a new group of not-so-superheroes to take over in the Avengers place. The mastermind behind it all, Valentina could go on to present the new team once she has all the pieces in place. After Endgame, the Avengers aren’t who they use to be. So, Valentina could be very well using this opportunity to bring together a new group to replace them. She’s got two onboard already and she may also recruit Agatha Harkness in place of Scarlet Witch.

How Valentina’s Involvement Could Set Up Hawkweye’s Events

In the post-credits scene, Valentina hires Yelena for a hit job, sliding her a picture of Hawkeye and calling him responsible for Natasha’s death. Black Widow certainly seems to be leading Yelena somewhere and it may very well be to the Dark Avengers. As we all know, Florence Pugh was all set to appear in Hawkeye even before Black Widow. But as established by the post-credits scene, Yelena will enter the brawl as an antagonist to Clint Barton. Moreover, Yelena will go on to be the antagonist (for not long) but will definitely establish Valentina as an integral part of Hawkeye.

As of now, Valentina has established the fact in Yelena’s head that Clint Barton is the reason behind Natasha’s death. It is particular to notice that she caught Yelena when she was at her weakest and really vulnerable. So, it’s no fact that Yelena will hunt Hawkeye in a bid to assassinate him on Valentina’s orders. But this might change soon when Hawkeye finally confronts Yelena and the two might mend things. So far, it is clear that Yelena is not at all impressed with the whole concept of superheroes.

The Disney+ series, Hawkeye, will also have to explain how Yelena and the contessa even crossed paths. This could further reveal that Yelena is not at all aware of what actually happened on Vormir. That is why it seems easy to blame Clint for what happened on that planet.

Dark Avengers In The MCU

Black Widow Post Credits Scene

The MCU’s version of the Dark Avengers will probably have a different backstory than the one in the comics. The Dark Avengers arrived at a time when the government had disbanded the original superhero team and handed over control of the group to Norman Osborn. So, following the events of the “Secret Invasion,” Osborn became a hero in the eyes of the public. Osborn became Iron Patriot, donning the same colors as Iron Man’s armor, while Venom pretended to be Spider-Man.

But all this will change in the MCU, and Valentina is hard at work. The Falcon and the Winter Soldier introduced John Walker as the new Captain America and Contessa Valentina Allegra de Fontaine. Now, considering Yelena and Valentina’s connection. the Dark Avengers is pretty much happening and will come to us soon. Valentina has a huge history in the comics and some of it will come to play.

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