10 Decisions Made By Marvel That Are Shittier Than Iron Fist

There are a lot of things that are shit in the Marvel such as the Iron Fist, but if there are to be some things that are even more pathetic than Iron Fist they have got to be these:

Thor’s Change In Nature

If there is something that is really disturbing about the film Thor apart from a lot of things it has to be the transition in the nature of Thor literally in a day. From being an obnoxious egotistical bastard to being someone who gulps down beer with a physicist in a day is something that seems unexplainable to us.

Foggy Nelson’s Arc In Daredevil

Anyone who has read the comics knows what an important character Foggy Nelson is. Nelson is someone who keeps Daredevil connected to his human side and not only that, he is someone who has always had DD’s back. Whereas in the show, he seems to only be angry at Matt for being Daredevil all the time.

Iron Man and War Machine Fighting On Music

Iron Man and War Machine, Tony and Rhodes these names go together as shoes with laces, contrary to their relationship, the duo can be seen fighting in Iron Man 2 after Tony is drunk and not in his senses. What’s even worse is that the duo fights on a music tune.

Venom’s Casting In Spider-Man 3

Venom is probably the arch-nemesis of Spider-Man, even though he’s now an anti-hero rather than a full-time villain, the guy is one of the most powerful villains of Spidey. casting someone’s stupid as Topher Grace for such an intimidating role is a sheer foolishness on behalf of the casting team. Not just that, the guy is so small in size that he actually makes the audiences sad to even look at Venom.

Pepper Potts Experimented On In Iron Man 3

Why? This is the first question that comes to people’s minds when they see Pepper Potts’ being experimented on in the film Iron Man 3, Well, she being experimented on wasn’t a bad decision in itself, but the duration and the consequence of her being experimented on was nothing but a sheer wastage of time.

Crossbones’ Death

Crossbones is one of the most important foes of Captain America. Not only can he go toe to toe with Cap, but he is also responsible for killing Steve Rogers in Civil War (comics) while the character is totally wasted in the 2016 flick, Captain America: Civil War, where he dies in the first few minutes of the film.

Stane’s Master Plan

Obadiah Stane could have been a great enemy in the First part of the Trilogy if and only if, he had not kept his grand plan to destroy Tony Stark on HIS OFFICE LAPTOP. I mean who does that shit, man? How stupid can such a big entrepreneur turned super villain be? This is just the MCU going bonkers.

The Real Mandarin

Mandarin, to the people who’ve read comics, is a villain who is not just bad but is greatly powerful, the arch nemesis of Iron Man, Mandarin is a Chinese with 10 powerful rings on his fingers. While in the Iron Man 3 film, the Mandarin who was supposed to be a terrorist, later came out to be a junkie actor who was just playing the character. This not just shocked the fans but disgusted them as later Killian, who was nowhere even close to the real Mandarin was said to be the character.

Cyclop’s Character Assassination


To the ones who’ve not read the comics or seen the TV animated series, this guy is the LEADER of the X-Men. Yeah, as much a shock it might be to you, to the comic book fans it was even more so as he’s not given an important role in any of the films, and is killed needlessly in the first 20 minutes of the third part giving him no screen time at all.

Whiplash In Iron Man 2


The ones who have read the comics know how important a character like Whiplash is, rightly so the character was sought to be the Big Baddie for Iron Man 2. H was played by the phenomenal actor Mickey Rourke. Unfortunately, unlike most of his roles, the actor failed to nail the performance with this particular character and ultimately ruined a character with a lot of potentials. Not just that, with Hammer in the picture his arc couldn’t be explained well. So, it was a whole list of bad decisions on behalf of the studios.

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