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Black Panther 2 Set Video Hints At T’Challa’s Exit in Wakanda Forever

Black Panther was released in 2018 and left a major impact on the film industry. Instantly, the movie broke cultural barriers and allowed Marvel to tap into a whole new level. But the sad demise of Chadwick Boseman changed things around when it came to T’Challa’s future. It was made clear by Kevin Feige that T’Challa’s role will not be recreated in any form whatsoever. But that doesn’t mean that Black Panther 2 is not happening. It is happening, and a recent Black Panther 2 set video reveals a surprising look at the sequel.

Black Panther 2 Set Video

Chadwick Boseman’s role as King T’Challa will not be reprised. But the movie will see the return of other characters. Several cast members from the first movie, including Lupita Nyong’o, Danai Gurira, Letitia Wright, Winston Duke, Martin Freeman, and Angela Bassett are coming back. For long we have wondered in what direction the sequel might go in. And now, we have the first look at the set of the sequel.

The first glimpse at the Black Panther 2 set has arrived, courtesy of coolfreetv – via Black Panther: Wakanda Forever New. As seen previously in Black Panther, the throne room was heavily featured. Moreover, the movie won an oscar for the production design. The video hints at the fact that the throne room will remain prominent in this film as well.

Check out the video below:

Feige previously said that Black Panther 2 will explore Wakanda on a deeper level. Previously, the tribes and customs were explored as Wakanda ventured into the new world. But this time, it’s time for Wakanda to be explored as a separate nation. Moreover, the sequel can ultimately set the stage for the upcoming Wakanda-centric Disney+ series that is currently in the works.

Black Panther 2 Set Video

Apart from the above-mentioned returning cast, two more people are in the works. Black Panther 2 will also include Michaela Coel and Tenoch Huerta. The latter was previously reported by TheIlluminerdi to play Namor. But of course, nothing is confirmed as of now. But it’s official that Black Panther 2 is under the way, and the excitement surrounding it is through the roof.

Black Panther 2 Video Hints At T’Challa Memorial

There is no doubt that the sequel is taking care of the product design just like its predecessor. It shows at a beautiful set being designed by the Black Panther 2 team. But it is a little too important than people may have realized. As mentioned above, Boseman’s T’Challa will not be recreated using CGI or any other technology. And the video may have just confirmed the same thing. The leaked video hints at T’Challa’s memorial and an end to his story.

In October 2020, Marvel published an official in-universe book called The Wakanda Files. These were the record collected by Shuri, which also foreshadowed WandaVision‘s Scarlet Witch retcons. But most importantly, the book included a Wakandan translation key. So using the same, we have translated the words on the pillars, using the same key. It seems to point to a new memorial to the late King T’Challa. Some of the words were a little obscured, but the translation reads:


Why Wakanda Puts T’Challa Above All

Black Panther 2 Set Video

So, it seems like Wakanda has finally acknowledged the fact that their king has indeed passed away. But he won’t let them go away without a proper memorial. The reason why they chose to hold T’Challa above all their kings is that his impact was the greatest on Wakanda. Even though his time as a king was brief, he reformed Wakanda’s image in front of the whole world. This resulted in a long-lasting relationship with the Avengers and the nation to be recognized as one of the best.

Ever since Bashenga, the first Black Panther, it’s unlikely that any other king had an impact like T’Challa. Due to T’Challa, Wakanda participated in two of the world’s greatest wars – Infinity War and Endgame against Thanos and his Black Order. So a heartwarming tribute to Boseman’s T’Challa is pretty much expected in Black Panther 2. And let me tell you, you might need to grab some tissue papers. So the video indeed confirms that the team is taking Black Panther 2 rather seriously.

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