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All Loki Trailer Scenes Deleted From The Series

The Disney+ series Loki has wrapped up its first season. But we need not worry as the show has already been renewed for season 2. Throughout the six episodes, the God of Mischief was sent on a very rocky journey. Where it looked like he felt love, he found more of a perspective than anything else. Since the time of its promotion, the show was destined to be as good as it is. But some of the scenes that were in the trailer were not in the show. So let’s talk about all Loki trailer scenes deleted from the series.

King Loki Of Asgard

Loki Trailer Scenes Deleted

Marvel teased us with a shot of Tom Hiddleston dressed in full “King Loki,” but it never came into play. After seeing so many variants already existing in the MCU, fans were really excited to see Loki in all his glory as King Loki. Moreover, many thought that King Loki is the one behind it all, finally bringing back the evil Loki who has always wanted to rule Asgard.

When Loki first arrived at the TVA, he was still fixed on his “glorious purpose.” But so many events that the God of Mischief witnessed actually steered him away from this. It wasn’t long after that we Loki be the heroic one. But as seen in the episode, Mobius made it clear that there are one too many variants of Loki that the TVA has dealt with. Hence, a King Loki variant lurking in the dark was quite the possibility.

Mobius’ comment that the TVA has pruned more Loki variants than anybody else’s hinted at a King Loki variant. So somehow, the fans were misled. But there might be a reason for all of this. He Who Remains offered an entire kingdom to Loki, and these shots were referenced by what Kang offered Loki. So maybe this King Loki shot was a dive into Loki’s subconscious after listening to Kang’s offer.

Removed Characters In Various Scenes Of The Loki Trailers

Marvel has removed a lot of characters from the scenes in trailers to protect the secrecy. Previously in the MCU, Smart Hulk scenes from the trailers for Avengers: Endgame were removed. Mantis and Doctor Strange in the Avengers: Infinity War trailers were also altered. So the Disney+ series Loki was no exception to this. Some really important scenes in the trailers were changed to save the excitement for later.

A lot of scenes were either digitally altered to remove Sylvie. And some of them were even shot twice, once with Loki alone, and second with both of them together. To keep Sylvie’s character intact, some of the footage was removed to remain the ambiguity around her character. Moreover, the trailer featured a shot of Sylvie and Loki where she was thought to be Black Widow. The apocalypse was modified to hide and people thought it’s Natasha and Loki on Vormir.

Apart from Sylvie, the Void sequence was also changed. The show’s most important variants – Boastful Loki, Classic Loki, Kid Loki, and Alligator Loki were all cut out from the trailers. But that’s not it. Even the opening sequence of Episode 5 was changed where we see the post-apocalyptic skyline in the same shot as Loki standing up after being pruned.

Loki At Stark Tower During The Avengers

Loki Trailer Scenes Deleted

One such sequence was also seen in the trailer that was nowhere to be seen in the show. Loki, in his traditional Asgardian clothes, was back at the Stark Tower, at least judging by the wall panels behind him. But this Loki did not have an evil look, or probably even an evil intent. Moreover, he did not have the facial wounds he had before being arrested by the TVA. This variant of Loki may have been changed by the events of Loki.

So this could suggest that Loki was sent back to the Stark tower in 2012, possibly bringing the character arc to an end. But this would have caused a Nexus event if the Avengers would have met a heroic Loki. As explained in the first episode, his only purpose according to the TVA is to bring out the best in people. Plus, ending Loki’s arc would have meant that the show had to conclude as well. But that isn’t the case.

So these were all the Loki Trailer Scenes Deleted from the final product.

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